TV Article: “Boy Meets World” – Ready to Spin Off Again

Written by Megan Alexander December 03, 2012


While America has been celebrating the news that Obama will be returning to the White House, kids of the 1990’s have been celebrating the news of “Boy Meets World” will be returning to television. That’s right: one of the 90’s most popular and adorable couples Cory and Topanga will be returning in 2014 with a new series called “Girl Meets World”. This new teen sitcom will be following the misadventures of Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley. In light of this fantastic news, I want to take a look back at what made “Boy Meets World” so great, and explain why I think its premise could still work for a new generation of viewers.  I, for one, cannot wait to be invited into a new Matthews’ home to play Foxy Bingo.

Remembering Old Friends 

“Boy Meets World” was a coming of age sitcom centered around the day-to-day life of Cory Mathews. The show ran for seven seasons (1993-2000), following Cory’s life journey from the 6th grade to college (keep in mind this is “TV Time”). Cory Matthews is an average, quirky, slightly neurotic, but all around good guy who, like anyone, just wants to make it through the world the best he can.

boy meets world

Alongside Cory as he tackles the challenges of adolescents and young adulthood is his ‘rough around the edges’ best friend from the other side of the tracks Shawn Hunter, and his sweet but overachieving girlfriend from next door Topanga Lawrence. Oh, and lets not forget Cory’s kindhearted, but dimwitted, older brother Eric. Through the guidance and wisdom of the prophet Feeny (AKA George Feeny, their teacher/principal/ college professor), these characters set out on their day-to-day journey through adolescence to ultimately meet up with the real world.

boy meets world, mr.feeny

Through these main characters, and other memorable side characters that later joined the cast (Angela, Rachel, and Shawn’s half brother Jack), the show tackled its subject matter of adolescence (and later, young adulthood) in ways that were either really funny or really serious. “Boy Meets World” is a great example of a series in which one episode could have you laughing hysterically and the next could have you bawling like a baby.

A New Chapter in a 90’s Love Story 

So why is it a big deal for fans that this teen dramedy is now getting a spin-off. It was never big in the ratings, it never won any awards, and some may even label it as a cheesy coming-of-age show where lessons are learned in the span of a half hour. Though this may be true, I think that old fans will tune in for a chance catch up with old friends (a big opportunity for many guest cameos), and to watch the next chapter of the love saga of Cory and Topanga. In its run, “Boy Meets World” chronicled Cory and Topanga’s relationship from 12-20 and audiences got a chance to watch a love story unfold. From their first kiss in grade school to their walk down the aisle in college, and all the break-ups and make-ups in between, audiences fell in love with these two falling in love. I think audiences are curious about what ever happened to these two, and would enjoy the opportunity to watch them raise a family.

“Girl Meets World”, however, will not be the continuing love story of Cory and Topanga, although that should be an aspect that the show will deal with. Instead, its main focus will be on their teenage daughter Riley as she meets the world. Riley, who is 13, also has an older brother Elliot, and a rebellious friend named Maya. It is expected that the Riley-Maya friendship will mirror that of Cory-Shawn friendship, in that they will face the obstacles of adolescence together.

Teen Today Need a Helping of Wholesome Cheese

I believe that a show like “Boy Meets World” told through a female perspective is needed today more then ever. As stated, the show dealt with everyday issues that many teens could relate to, which is unlike many of the teen shows today which focus on the petty individual dramas of the pretty, popular, and privileged. BMW was a show that offered a genuine and wholesome in portrayal of teenagers in that it did not glamorize sex, backstabbing, popularity or privilege, like the shows of today. Alternatively, “Boy Meets World” offered audiences stories of true love, true friendship, and true issues.

I know to some the premise of this show may sounds cheesy, and I know shows today are more edgy then they are wholesome, but I say TV needs some more wholesome cheese. I have all the hopes in the world for “Girl Meets World”.

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