Calling All Bats: Actors Who Could Be Next in Line to Play the Dark Knight

Written by Eran Zameret January 21, 2012

With the highly anticipated “The Dark Knight Rises” scheduled to hit theatres this summer, director Christopher Nolan has announced that this will be his last Batman film, completing the trilogy. It’s always been something of a fan favourite to play a guessing game as to who could possibly play the next Batman (or Batman villain).

With the end of the Nolan-directed Batman era nearing, and with the chance of another Batman movie on the horizon – – it simply makes too much money for there to not be another Batman film, let the guessing recommence!

The actor who plays the next Dark Knight has to be indicative of the comic book character’s traits; this includes matching the look of his physical ability while being able to represent Bruce Wayne’s charisma. Christian Bale has done a more than notable job for the Nolan series, but here is a list of actors who could don the bat suit in the near future:

Eric Bana –  He might be bordering on the side of too old to play the next Batman, but if his filmography has taught us anything, it’s that Bana is more than capable of playing the next Dark Knight. Back in 2003, he starred as another comic book hero in Ang Lee’s version of the Hulk (which missed the mark entirely).

However, he has the look, and bad-ass persona to play Batman, as demonstrated in 2005 with Steven Spielberg’s well-directed “Munich”. Chances are if there is another Batman movie, it might be some years away, and at 43, Bana just might be too old around that time to have that vigorous look that Batman possesses.

Eric Bana

Michael Fassbender – Coming off his role in “X-Men: First Class”, he proved that he could play a comic book character with his strong portrayal of Magneto. Not only does he have the physical look to play Batman, but his role of Magneto also showed that he could have that dynamic ability to be both suave and charming, while possessing a rugged and intense exterior.

The only concern that one might have with Fassbender playing Batman is that he does not exactly have that Dark Knight look; he has a very European look with lighter hair and skin, which might not sit well with hardcore Batman fanatics. If he is cast with the role, he certainly wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Michael Fassbender

Chris Pine
A rising star in Hollywood, Pine could slide nicely into the role of Batman after his strong performance of captain James Tiberius Kirk from the latest “Star Trek” movies. He is certainly up to the role of an action movie star, which was demonstrated in his exhilarating action sequences in 2009’s “Star Trek”.

However, there is one concern about him playing Batman – – he looks much too young to play the part. Pine has somewhat of a baby-faced look about him that might not suit the Dark Knight. Either way, Pine might just slip nicely into the Batman role once the next one rolls around.

Chris Pine

Jon Hamm
The ideal candidate for the next Batman; he’s rugged, dark, and can be suave for days. If his role in the critically acclaimed series “Mad Men” has taught us anything, it’s that Hamm would play an excellent Bruce Wayne.

His performance on the AMC’s show demands respectability; he successfully combines a mixture of masculinity and toughness with a touch of rectitude. However, much like Bana, the concern with Hamm playing Batman would be his age. Currently at 40 years old, Hamm isn’t getting any younger.

Jon Hamm

Jake Gyllenhaal
Donnie Darko has come a long way. From being a young kid on 1999’s “October Sky”, to starring in the cult-hit “Donnie Darko”, Gyllenhaal has demonstrated a unique repertoire of acting that demonstrates his ability to play different roles.

He’s proven before that he can play the physical role in “Prince of Persia”, and his age is fitting for some time to pass before the next Batman rolls around. If he’s chosen to play the next Batman, he might just surprise a few people with how well he pulls it off.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Regardless of who gets to play the next Batman, any one of these choices is surely better than a nipple-pointed Batman suit with George Clooney in it.

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