Garbage Day: CANADA’S Netflix, Get it or F**k it. Part 1: Why Get It.

Written by Shawn Lotte August 15, 2011

Welcome to Garbage Day where I, Doctor Lotte, will talk about things that I don’t like, and some things I do, but mostly I will talk about shit. Relax, enjoy and don’t forget to take out your trash.

Today’s Garbage: CANADA’S Netflix. Good, bad, or just a thing your friends told you about.

Here is the skinny for all those NOT in the know. Netflix is a streaming movie and TV site that allows you to watch a plethora of content on your computer, PS3, and other digital media devices. Right now, in the States, Netflix is increasing their monthly fee for their DVD delivery program. The increase means little to us CANADAS, but to loyal Netflix ambassadors it is the end of the world. There has been such an outcry that many users are switching to services like Hulu and streaming. Here in Canada we don’t have that problem because we don’t use the DVD delivery thingy and our streaming services only cost $7.99 a month; pretty sweet right? While Netflix is good, there are some bad things about CANADA’S Netflix. I would gladly pay a little more money if it would mean fixing their problems but enough talk, let’s get to the shit: I will list the best and worst things about Netflix starting this week with why you should get Netflix. BEGIN THE SHOW!


Why Get it:

5. Every so often good movies will appear on the site.

Movies like “The Fly,” “Aliens,”,” etc. Then you might find some newer movies like: “Iron Man 2” or “Date Night.” Netflix does offer some interesting choices for people looking to waste some time in front of the TV; the only hang up about some of these great titles is you have to go looking for them. They are not as easy to find as one might like, but give it a look and you may find something you like.

4. Great finds that you can’t find anywhere else.

On rare occasions I have found documentaries and movies that I have had a hard time finding, or didn’t know existed at all and loved them after watching. One such moment was when I found a documentary about grindhouse cinema that was very well done and informative. Similarly, I found a doc about slasher movies I didn’t know existed and wasn’t so good…So you got to take the good with the bad with ol’ nettyflix.

This was one of those rare find on Netflix and it was awesome. check if out if you get the chance.

3. Tv Shows galore. 

There is a lot of TV on Netflix. Some good, some ok, and some shit (looking at you “Mad Love”).  I can tell you that it is a great feeling when you see an old favorite show, with all the episodes, appear on Netflix. I was overjoyed when “Angel” appeared on Netflix, and was sad when I realized that season 1 of that show kinda sucked. Oh well.

WHATEVER! I liked this show. I mean...ahhhhhh it WAS good.


A lot of the movies, and TV, are streamed in HD. Which is sick. On top of that the HD is really good, and the sound quality on some of the movies is top notch. Unfortunately, you have to pay for the HD in bandwidth ranging from 500MB to over 1GB per hour. This is a tough pill to swallow and I admit I have gone over my 80GB a couple of times (it was a combination of a couple of things…like games and porn…and Netflix).

1. $7.99 a month Motherfuckers!!

The price tag is going up state side, but here we get movies for the low low price of 8 bones (rounded up) a month. That’s fucking awesome. If you do the math, a movie rental is about 3-5 bucks per rental. if you were to rent 5 movies a month that’s about $20-$25 a month-not including taxes. The $8 price tag it seems is very reasonable and there are many movies and a ton of TV to choose from. The deal is clear here, but if you download movies for free (which I strongly advise against) then Netflix is not the deal you’re looking for.

I looked up "$7.99 Motherfucker" on google images and I got this guy. Sooooo...yeah. Awesome?

*Update: I found out who that guy is in the picture. His name is T.J. Miller and he’s in a bunch of movies like, “How to train your dragon” and “Unstoppable.” Actually his film resume is very big so I’m an idiot. I’m sorry T.J. and I’m sorry world. But still, why did his picture come up with “$7.99 Motherfucker?”

Check out Next weeks article for 5 reason why you should fuck Netflix.

Love, Shawn


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