Clint Eastwood Back to the Big Screen

Written by Eryl McCaffrey October 09, 2011

“Go ahead, make my day.” We haven’t heard Clint Eastwood coin such a popular phrase in decades. After all, it has been over 18 years since Dirty Harry acted in a film that he wasn’t simultaneously directing. But, that’s apparently about to change. Deadline is reporting that Eastwood will remain solely in front of the camera for a Robert Lorenz film called Trouble With The Curve, a new baseball drama. Will this flick be a hit out of the ballpark? Read on for more details and craft your own predication.

Lorenz is Eastwood’s long-time business partner who was an assistant director to the big boss on Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, and Blood Work. The two may be joining forces for the new film about a baseball scout who’s losing his vision. It has not been confirmed yet, but if Eastwood signs on for the movie, he’ll play the lead.  Rumor has it that he is using the production delay of A Star is Born to take on the role. It sounds promising, but I can’t push one concern out of my mind. I’m wondering if he’s still got the stamina to take on such a big part. I do not doubt the academy-award winner’s acting talent, just his ability to remember all of those lines, oh and to stand for a long amount of time without fracturing a hip. I mean, he is 81 years old people!

I kid. I’m sure if Clint takes on the role, he’ll do it justice and then some. Plus, his character is on the verge of retiring when he goes to Atlanta to check out a young baseball prospect. I’m sure he can relate to the storyline, being on the brink of retirement himself and still placing his bets in the risky world of Hollywood cinema.  That should translate to the big screen.

All of this is just speculative of course, as it has not yet been confirmed that the man with a killer scowl will be taking on the acting role.  A potential release date for the film has also not yet been publicized.  Deadline says that Lorenz hasn’t even officially confirmed that he’ll be taking the directing reigns on Trouble With The Curve, and a lead actress has not yet been locked down. So obviously, more details will be heading our way.

Regardless of whether or not Eastwood gets a chance to show off his acting chops once more before he goes six feet under, it’s impressive that the entertainment circus is still interested in gossiping about him.  If he does secure this role and relinquishes his behind-the-lens control, I think he’ll be able to really wow audiences. Do I hear future Oscar buzz? Maybe. We’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.

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