“The Great Gatsby” in 3D, Leonardo to Play Jay

Written by Barfoot February 22, 2011

Luhrmann to Make “The Great Gatsby” 3D, Leonardo to Play Jay

-by Patrick Barfoot

The official news is that Baz Luhrmann — the guy who brought you Moulin Rouge and Australia — is bringing to life American literature’s best, “The Great Gatsby“. (Puts a whole new meaning to what those in show-biz call getting the “green light” ).

The last F. Scott adaption — loosely based, I might add — was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, whose protagonist was portrayed by Brad Pitt. In the case of James Gatz, he’ll be played by none other than Inception‘s Leonardo DiCaprio. Other stars to be antiquated back to the “Jazz Age”: Spiderman‘s Tobey Maguire as Nick Carroway and Carey Mulligan from the latest Wall Street installment as Daisy Buchanan.

Besides all this fun, there is one more thing director Baz wants to bring to this classic novel– wait for it –3D.  That’s right, Myrtle will be hit by Gatsby’s roadster in 3D, and Gatsby will be shot by Wilson in 3D.  O.K., if I ruined the movie for you, I’m sorry; but if that was a surprise, you probably need to go back and take grade 11 English again.

OR, just watch this informative video from Sparknotes.com.

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