My Day At The Horror Convention!!!

Written by Shawn Lotte May 01, 2011

That's her with the shotgun. Molly Dunsworth

By; Shawn Lotte

So I went to this event called Shock Stock, a horror convention, here in London ON. It was good fun.

I bought some movies, and met some interesting people.

My favorite moment was when I made an ass of myself when I got a chance to talked to one of the stars from “Hobo with a Shotgun.” What happened was I went over to this table with no one around it except two people. I started up a conversation with them cause they asked me if I had seen “Hobo.”  It took a moment but I soon realized that this woman was in fact one of the two stars of the movie. Then I gushed like a fan-boy, not my style by the way, when I figured it out because ONE, I liked her performance (I told her that the performances are what made her movie better then the other new grindhouse movies–I meant it). TWO, I felt stupid and panicked, and THREE cause she was hot, like really hot. She probably thought I was a fat virgin, which would be half right.

So in the end I bought a picture of her with her autograph (don’t ask why) and asked who the gentleman sitting beside her was. He was her “handler.” Awesome.

There you have it friends I am neither suave nor charming.




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