Short Picks: “Little Man, The Way Girls Are”

Written by Josh Litman October 10, 2011

We’ve all heard the classic adage that “size doesn’t matter”…but does time? Can a short film be just as compelling as a feature length one? The answer, in short, is YES – and in 1/20th of the time to boot! Welcome to Short Picks, where I (Josh Litman) will introduce you to a variety of shorts that you simply have to see. Rather than merely talk about them, I’m going to post these flicks right here on the site for your viewing pleasure! It’s unfortunate that so few people realize how impactful a short film can be. As such, I’ve taken it upon myself to enlighten you. Enjoy!

THERE’S NUDITY!! Now that I’ve got your attention…

Little Man (2006) is a Danish short film directed by Esben Tønnesen that fairly succinctly sums up the relationship between the sexes. It somehow manages to be altogether funny, creepy, and cute.

Young Mathias is given a homework assignment to write about any topic of his choosing (as long as he learns something, of course). After a good stare at his teacher’s bosom, he decides to write about ‘the way girls are.’ Thus begins Mathias’ quest to discover what girls are like and how they appear to differ from boys. For example, do they have a sense of humour? Do they do things for free?

One aspect of the film that sticks out is the soundtrack. It fits so perfectly you’ll swear it was made specifically for this film. It gives Little Man this surreal, dreamlike quality throughout and never lets up. The song in question is called “Blow Your Mind” by Thomas Haardell. You ought to check it out — it’s amazing.

Overall, Little Man is expertly crafted. If you can stand to watch a subtitled film (or you can speak dutch), it is completely engrossing and one of the best short flicks around. And there really is NUDITY! The version below is censored, but if you look elsewhere on YouTube, you just might find a copy that isn’t…

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