Top 5 Movies that have made me F!&#ing cry [With Trailers]

Written by Shawn Lotte February 11, 2011

Top 5 Movies that have made me F!@#ing cry. [WITH RATINGS AND TRAILERS]

By Shawn Lotte

These are movies that have made me cry, like seriously cry. Whatever, I’m manly enough to admit it, so don’t judge me and read on for more awesomeness-pathetic-whatever.

5.     Transformers: 7.5/10

Ok, so I was not young when I saw this flick, but for some reason I cried like a bitch, in front of my girlfriend nonetheless, when the Autobots first bust on the scene. WOW, I am cool shit. I don’t know what happened, but seeing them brought back this nostalgic childhood longing to see them, that, or I wanted my girlfriend to see how sensitive I was. No ticky for me that night.

4.     Old Yeller:  (Don’t remember it that much.)


3.     Pet Cemetery: 7/10

Again, very young and confused to all shit about what I saw in this flick. For those not in the know, the film opens with the death of a small child, and a small child doesn’t want to see that shit. Suffice to say I cried and got some spaghetti.

2.     The Cure: 6/10

When I was very young I stumbled upon this film. It stars the now late Brad Renfro who befriends a young boy who has aids. The movie focuses on the two boys searching for a cure, thus the name. When I was young I didn’t understand some of the things in the movie, but what I did understand was the sad bullshit at the end. I cried like a bitch again, but this time I had my mom there to make me spaghetti. Yum.

1.     Elephant Man: 9/10

This movie is really important to me not only because it’s a first class, awesome picture directed by David Lynch, but also because it made me weep like a bitch. Yep, I watched this flick by myself when I was 17 and I let it rip. I won’t say at what part, I figure people who have seen it will know, but I will say it IS the saddest thing I have ever seen in a film.

Top 5 Movies that have made me shed a tear or two. F!@# YEAH!

These are movies that have made me almost cry, or shed a tear, but did not have the guts to push me into cry bitch mode. Someday perhaps.

5.     Titanic: 7/10

When that man hit the boat propeller.

4.     Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy: 9/10

This one is weird. This 4-hour documentary of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies ends with all those involved in the films talking about how Freddy has changed their lives. Bob Shaye cries, Wes Craven almost cries, and me, at home, sheds a tear at their longing. It was a very memorable moment for all.


3.     Toy Story 3: 9/10

The end when the Toys say goodbye to Andy. I grew up with these characters so that was quite heart-wrenching for me.

2.     UP: 9/10

I almost cried at the beginning because two parents being told that they can’t have kids is f#$king sad. Shut up.

1.     Val Kilmer getting Fat: 3/10

This is not a movie, but a fact, and it made me shed a tear. BRING HIM BACK!

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