UWO Film Festival 2011 [Winners]

Written by Josh Litman March 22, 2011





This year’s UWO Film Festival was EPIC! Not only was the food incredible, the films weren’t half bad either. And if you look closely, maybe you can spot some We Eat Films cast/crew members…

10 films were selected to be screened at the festival from a record 31 entrants.

There were awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, including a Viewer’s Choice award. The ten films screened were:

“Bagman” – Directed by Cory Downing
“Things I like, Dislike, and Nothing in Between” – Directed by Brad Freeman and Kara MacLean
“3 Stops” – Directed by Evan Hamza
“Red Halloween” – Directed by Evan Hamza
“SAM” – Directed by Kara MacLean, Betty Li, and Kelly Mac
“Elevator” Directed by Josh Litman
“White Out” – Directed by Benjamin Mercer
“Monday, Monday” – Directed by Mitchell Sturm
“My Escape” – Directed by Irum Fatima Tapal and Taimoor Ahmed Tariq
“Entrada” – Directed by Danny Dunlop

All the films shown had their merits, but only a few could walk away with top honours…

Viewer’s Choice: “White Out” – Directed by Benjamin Mercer

Following an apocalyptic aerial attack, two strangers find themselves alone at the edge of a city in ruins with no memory of how they got there. Sequestered in a fancy house and living off canned food and wine, they create for themselves a utopian dystopia. But their world takes a turn for the macabre with the arrival of a mysterious stranger…

3rd Place: “Entrada” – Directed by Danny Dunlop

In the future, a last-ditch mission to evacuate a dying Earth and save the human race has failed, leaving only one survivor trapped on board her isolated chamber of the USS Santa Maria. Hovering just above the atmosphere with no way to communicate with Earth, Patient 0337 awakes from a cryonic sleep and searches for answers while grappling with the possibility that she may be the last human being alive.

2nd Place: “Things I like, Dislike, and Nothing in Between” – Directed by Brad Freeman & Kara MacLean

It is a cabernet of quirky things Brad Freeman likes and dislikes.

1st Place: “Elevator” – Directed by Josh Litman

One man goes up an elevator.
Then everything comes down.

UWO FILM FESTIVAL (Website): http://www.uwofilmfestival.com/films.html

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