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Written by Samah Ali July 11, 2014

"Moonrise Kingdom" (Wes Anderson, 2012)

“Moonrise Kingdom” (Wes Anderson, 2012)

After recently watching Wes Anderson’s new film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, I started to think what makes his movies so lovable and original. Maybe the luscious colors on the screen, or his loyal cast that have chemistry in every role they play. Then I realized it’s the same love I shared for the Tarantino, Coppola, and Woody Allen films. Although their styles are very different, their movies are loved due to their undeniable flair and originality that we don’t see in major motion pictures today. In fact, I believe that their identifiable styles make their movies fan favorites and an absolute joy to watch.

Wes Anderson movies are usually recognized by their quirky camera angles and vivid images. In addition, the quick interchanges between the characters that are both comedic and enticing. Of course, the most identifiable trait of his movies is the same group of actors being seen in every film; some of his most noticeable faces include Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Jason Schwartzman. Anderson goes beyond loyalty by using the same crew and collaborators as well. His clever humor, three-dimensional plots, and interesting camera angles make his films an enjoyable cinematic experience.

“Any time I make a movie, I really have absolutely no idea how it’s going to go over.” – Wes Anderson

Known for his vast storylines, various characters, and over exaggerated graphic content, Quentin Tarantino has die-hard fans that are willing to see any picture he releases. After news of his latest screenplay leaking and calling off the movie, we can clearly see that he is a perfectionist and must have everything his way. Some may say he’s crazy, but his interesting takes on movies and numerous parts make his movies some of Hollywood’s most entertaining blockbusters.

"Pulp Fiction" (Quentin Tarantino, 1994)

“Pulp Fiction” (Quentin Tarantino, 1994)

Although the Coppolas are Hollywood legends, with work on some of the most acclaimed motion pictures, they managed to bring the family along with their fame. Of course Sofia Coppola benefited from her father, Francis Ford Coppola, bringing her into the business, but she has made a name for herself in the industry. With “The Virgin Suicides” and “Lost in Translation” on her back, her cousin Gia Coppola shares her stylist landscapes and great taste in music. Of course, you can find half of their extended family on their production list, keeping the family healthy and successful.

My personal favourite, Woody Allen. Is there anywhere to begin with this man? Although he started off as a small time comedian writing lines for a local newspaper, he quickly progressed to becoming a genius screenwriter and director. His witty phrases, elaborate characters, and intelligent screenplays have racked him up quite a following in his forty years of filmmaking. His films have been hits and misses with audiences throughout his career, but the man never stops his train of movie-making brilliance.

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

Of course majority of Hollywood’s playwrights and directors aren’t mentioned above, but the list goes on and on. In the haze of major blockbuster releases, it’s refreshing to sit down and watch a good quality movie with a great screenplay and performances. After all, we’re suppose to enjoy the movie going experience, might as well sit down and watch something with flair that will put a smile on your face.

"Manhattan" (Woody Allen, 1979)

“Manhattan” (Woody Allen, 1979)

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