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  • The Remake: Forget It and Move Forward

    The Remake: Forget It and Move Forward

    It seems to be a firm belief in Hollywood that if a movie didn’t to great the first time or has remained relevant for more then a decade; it’s time to make a second. But why run the risk of tarnishing a movie title with an overkill of CGI, the possibility of poor acting or irrelevant superstar cameos?

  • Brit Picks: “Being Human”

    Because of the recent North American remake of this series some here will already know the basic premise. For those of you who don’t, Being Human revolves around three 20-something year old main characters: A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost. Mitchell, a vampire and George, a werewolf, move into their freakishly pink-on-the-outside flat in Bristol only to find that it is already occupied by Annie, the ghost of a woman who fell down the stairs and died there several months previously. The trio then do exactly what it says on the box – attempt to blend in, and be human.

  • UWO Film Festival 2011 [Winners]

    UWO Film Festival 2011 [Winners]

            This year’s UWO Film Festival was EPIC! Not only was the food incredible, the films weren’t half bad either. And if you look closely, maybe you can spot some We Eat…

  • Looking Back: Oscar Snubs

    Looking Back: Oscar Snubs

    Let’s take a trip down memory lane to…oh, let’s say about a month ago.

    Every year, the Oscars come around like it’s a holiday. People build drinking games, bets, and dates out of the event. But even before the big show arrives, there are the nominations. Naturally, people expect that the topmost, superlative films for each category will be listed, appropriately. So why, then, are there such glaring SNUBS?

  • TV Review: Showtime’s “Episodes”

    TV Review: Showtime’s “Episodes”

    ‘Episodes’ is about a British award winning (BAFTA) husband-and-wife writing team who are offered their shot at the big time i.e. Hollywood. Shawn and Beverly who write on their on show in Britain, are offered to make an American version of their critically acclaimed show. They move to Hollywood where they soon realize that it is not what it seems. They have to compromise to the whims of Hollywood to survive in it. For instance, changing the entire premise of their TV show and finding a way for Matt LeBlanc to play an all boy’s private schools’ headmaster.

  • British Television through Canadian Eyes

    Canadians contribute to and are present in many television shows and movies. We produce our own shows as well, as can be seen on the CBC and several other channels. Jokes about our fair country appear on shows such as “How I Met Your Mother” (I think they’re funny, others do not). Despite this, it can’t be ignored that most of what we Canadians watch is American shows from American networks – at least, that’s what we all think right?

  • Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises”

    Let me start out by saying that I think Anne Hathaway is an intelligent, multi-faceted young actress. However, sex appeal isn’t one of her most redeeming qualities. It’s impressive that she’s been able to play parts in highly esteemed films such as “Love and Other Drugs” and “Rachel Getting Married”, but let’s face it she’s no Catwoman. She’s got the acting chops, but she’s lacking the sensuality and eroticism that a gig as Batman’s voluptuous/villainous sidekick requires.

  • The Best and Worst of the Academy Awards [2011 Oscars Review]

    The Best and Worst of the Academy Awards [2011 Oscars Review]

    Last Sunday, Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosted the 83rd Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles, California. While this highly esteemed position has been held by other celebrity heavyweights such as Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, and Johnny Carson, Hathaway and Franco were chosen primarily to appeal to a younger demographic. With no comedy or hosting background for either actor, the young duo certainly brought a new dynamic to the Oscars this week. For those who missed it, here is a review of the newest hosts to hit the Academy Awards.

  • How “Alien” will Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” be?

    For those of you excited about Ridley Scott’s return to, not only the realm of science fiction, but the Alien universe he created back in 1979, I bet you’re about as pumped as fully developed Chest-Burster ready to buckshot its way out of John Hurts ribcage! But there has been one big issue for fans as film details continue to develop, and that’s what the heck is the movie even about??? So the film, titled “Prometheus”, is a prequel?… yes. So that means we’ll get to see aliens!!!… Not quite.

  • Oscar’s Best Pictures in Lego

    Oscar’s Best Pictures in Lego

    It’s Oscar time again and We Eat Film’s Oscar special is in the works. For the time being though, check out this “Legotastic” video and get into the Oscar spirit.