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  • Movie Review: “Insidious”

    Movie Review: “Insidious”

    Insidious is a horror flick that comes from the makers of Saw and Paranormal Activity. And yes, it succeeds at scaring the sh*t out of you. Without spoiling too much, Insidious revolves around married couple…

  • Movie Review: “Source Code”

    Movie Review: “Source Code”

    Fun fact: Duncan Jones, the director of Source Code, is the son of star musician David Bowie. Yep. Now on to the review. I admit, I haven’t gotten around to Brokeback Mountain yet, but that…

  • Movie Review: “Limitless”

    Movie Review: “Limitless”

    The plot of Limitless revolves around Bradley Cooper who tries this fishy new drug called NZT that allows him to access 100% of his brain, 100% of the time, essentially letting him learn/do pretty much…

  • Remembering Elizabeth Taylor (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011)

    Remembering Elizabeth Taylor (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011)

    Elizabeth Taylor, said to have been one of the greatest actresses during the Golden Era of Hollywood, passed away yesterday at the age of 79. Known for her leading rolls in Cleopatra, The Taming of the Shrew, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Taylor has left her mark on the Hollywood landscape by creating some of the most timeless films to date. Winner of two academy awards for best actress, Elizabeth Taylor was known for her unquestionable talent and striking beauty.

  • TV Review: Showtime’s “Episodes”

    TV Review: Showtime’s “Episodes”

    ‘Episodes’ is about a British award winning (BAFTA) husband-and-wife writing team who are offered their shot at the big time i.e. Hollywood. Shawn and Beverly who write on their on show in Britain, are offered to make an American version of their critically acclaimed show. They move to Hollywood where they soon realize that it is not what it seems. They have to compromise to the whims of Hollywood to survive in it. For instance, changing the entire premise of their TV show and finding a way for Matt LeBlanc to play an all boy’s private schools’ headmaster.

  • The Best and Worst of the Academy Awards [2011 Oscars Review]

    The Best and Worst of the Academy Awards [2011 Oscars Review]

    Last Sunday, Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosted the 83rd Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles, California. While this highly esteemed position has been held by other celebrity heavyweights such as Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, and Johnny Carson, Hathaway and Franco were chosen primarily to appeal to a younger demographic. With no comedy or hosting background for either actor, the young duo certainly brought a new dynamic to the Oscars this week. For those who missed it, here is a review of the newest hosts to hit the Academy Awards.

  • Movie Review: “Drive Angry” (IN FU#$ING 3D!!!!!!!!)

    Movie Review: “Drive Angry” (IN FU#$ING 3D!!!!!!!!)

    Quick Movie Review of Drive Angry IN FUCKING 3D!!!!!!!!   SPOILER WARNING! Seriously, I ruin shit in here so don’t read and get mad at me.   By: Shawn Lotte   Summary: I don’t want…

  • Movie Review: “The Green Hornet”

    Movie Review: “The Green Hornet”

    Seth Rogen is Britt Reid, the protagonist and titular “hero” of the film; well, sort of. It would probably be closer to the truth to call Kato (Jay Chou) the real hero of the film – Reid’s title-less sidekick. Simply put, Kato kicks ass in every way imaginable: He builds the coolest sh*t ever, beats the living crap out of the most amount of people, and makes the best damn coffee in the world. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

  • Movie Review: “Catfish”

    Movie Review: “Catfish”

    SPOILER ALERT – the following gives away the ‘twist’ of the movie, but I’m hoping for your sake you don’t care because you’re not going to see this movie anyways. Good for you, go treat yourself to a delicious tropical fruit, like a pineapple or a mango or a grape. You deserve it, buddy.

  • 5 Shameless Reasons to Watch “Shameless”

    We Eat Films: 5 shameless reasons to watch “Shameless” (SPOILER ALERT) By Rebecca French 1. One man – William H. Macy William H. Macy blew me away. Seriously. Even if you are not a fan…