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  • Movie News for Movie Noobs: Dark Knight Rises

      Rising Intrigue Your Dark Knight Rises’ teaser trailer is here!   Last week I mentioned that a trailer for the upcoming Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, would be released during the previews of…

  • Movie News for Movie Noobs

    Movie News for Movie Noobs

    1. Magic Money Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II brings in $476 million internationally in less than 3 days. As Harry Potter fans around the world congregate to witness the final installment of the…

  • Movie News for Movie Noobs

    Your weekly dose of movie news, released trailers, and Hollywood essentials to keep even the most occasional movie-goers in the know. Written by: Whitney Slightham 1. Houston, we’ve got a trailer. 33 seconds of Nolan’s…

  • UWO Film Festival 2011 [Winners]

    UWO Film Festival 2011 [Winners]

            This year’s UWO Film Festival was EPIC! Not only was the food incredible, the films weren’t half bad either. And if you look closely, maybe you can spot some We Eat…

  • Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises”

    Let me start out by saying that I think Anne Hathaway is an intelligent, multi-faceted young actress. However, sex appeal isn’t one of her most redeeming qualities. It’s impressive that she’s been able to play parts in highly esteemed films such as “Love and Other Drugs” and “Rachel Getting Married”, but let’s face it she’s no Catwoman. She’s got the acting chops, but she’s lacking the sensuality and eroticism that a gig as Batman’s voluptuous/villainous sidekick requires.

  • How “Alien” will Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” be?

    For those of you excited about Ridley Scott’s return to, not only the realm of science fiction, but the Alien universe he created back in 1979, I bet you’re about as pumped as fully developed Chest-Burster ready to buckshot its way out of John Hurts ribcage! But there has been one big issue for fans as film details continue to develop, and that’s what the heck is the movie even about??? So the film, titled “Prometheus”, is a prequel?… yes. So that means we’ll get to see aliens!!!… Not quite.