Interview with London Short Film Showcase founder Darryl Callcott

Written by Nick Workman November 03, 2011

An Interview with London Short Film Showcase founder Darryl Callcott

Last Saturday, I sat down with one of the founders, Darryl Callcott, of the London Short Film Showcase to discuss its founding, purpose, and future.

Nick:  The showcase is entering its 5th year. How have you seen it grow in either support from the community or in the amount of submissions the showcase receives?

Darryl:  We have found this year that we have received a lot more local submissions missions rather than international submissions.

Nick:  Do you have many people outside of London submit their films?

Darryl:  In the past 60% local and 40% international. A lot of diversity. When we started the showcase we wanted to promote local filmmakers. We are getting closer to the original goal.

Nick:  Do all sorts of genres get submitted from sci-fi to comedy to documentary?

Darryl:  We have received a wide variety. From experimental to animation to comedy to thriller. Every genre, from A to Z. We try to have a good mix between the genres so that it is not all back to back comedies, so that you get a taste of all the genres.

Nick: Are most of the films that are submitted from students?

Darryl: We have quit a few student films from Western, Ryerson, Sheridan, and Fanshawe. But we also get a lot of independent producers, people who do it for a hobby. I would like to see more quality films from high school age since we do not see a lot of high school talent. A lot of high schools now have media classes and it would be great to see them take that experience and put it towards film.

Nick:  Do people from the film industry come to the showcase to check out the talent?

Darryl:  Absolutely. It is a really great way to network with local filmmakers. It is better than looking at resumes. Looking at screen is a lot easier to see who you would like to work with. It is a lot easier than looking for people online.

Nick:  Has there ever been the thought to expand beyond short films into feature length?

Darryl:  Strictly short films. London at this point isn’t really known for its feature length films. If we want to keep it local we have to stick to short films because they are a lot more accessible than feature length.

Nick:  Now the showcase seems to do a lot more than just the showcase. There are workshops and a partnership with Car Free fest. Can you tell me a bit about that?

Darryl:  We try to organize workshops and events throughout the year. It is a way to connect local filmmakers. We plan on having a camera and cinematography workshop soon that will bring together the beyond the lens crew. The workshops are educational and it helps get the word out about the showcase in November.

Nick:  Are the workshops open to all ages?

Darryl:  The workshops are free and open to all ages. It is a great way to interact with local people and get a lesson.

Nick:  Finally, where do you hope this showcase goes?

Darryl:  I hope that it opens more doors for filmmakers who are here in London. It is really hard to keep people in the city when there are bigger opportunities in the industry elsewhere, such as Toronto. We would like to see London filmmakers stay at home and work here. As a collaborative effort between us and the public, by building up the industry, then we can hopefully make London a good place to work in film wise.

For more information on the showcase, check out The 5th annual showcase will be held on November 5th at Museum London. To purchase a ticket, go to

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