Podcast: Off Topic – “Stranger Things” Season 2 Post-Binge Thoughts

Written by Matt Butler November 07, 2017


Last week, Ben and I experienced a shared revelation: Movies are expensive. Eating out is expensive. This Diner Theatre setup is going to bleed us dry. We also realized that our conversations go on tangents way more often than they take place in an eatery. So to grant ourselves some freedom, we’re retitling.

Diner Theatre is now Off Topic!


It’s the same rambling, rumbling podcast, we just won’t feel the obligation to record it in a noisy restaurant anymore (though that doesn’t mean we won’t if need be).  We’re always looking for ways to improve the show and make it as comfortable and engaging as possible for ourselves and yourselves. We hope you enjoy the change and keep listening as always 🙂

In this first episode of this new diversion, Ben, myself, and my friends Sam and Santiago sit down after a 9-hour binge of Stranger Things 2. The following is our initial thoughts.


Hosted by: Matt Butler & Ben McVittie
Guests: Sam Strang & Santiago Izaciga
Edited by: Ben McVittie
Logo Designed by: Ben McVittie
Intro/Outro Music: audiojungle.net

If you have any suggestions for movies/TV (past or present) that you want us to ramble about, let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


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