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Written by Caitlin Cooper August 17, 2016

bad momsSometimes when you go to the theater, you just want a light, silly film. Something that doesn’t take itself too seriously, has a lot of laughs, and enough of a story to keep you interested. When I saw the trailer for Bad Moms, I figured it would either be quite funny or flat. Bad Moms is actually a good summer comedy.

In Bad Moms, when Amy (Mila Kunis), an over-worked mom, is pushed too far by the PTA and her husband, she decides to take a step back from her motherly duties – including the demanding PTA – and have some fun. She stops trying to be the perfect mom everyone expects her to be, and bonds with fellow moms who are stressed. Together, they help Amy run a campaign to be the next PTA president so that the organization supports these amazing women rather than judge them and force them to take on even more.

“This has literally been the best day of my life.”

The trailer for Bad Moms may be deceiving, because this film while sometimes silly and almost ridiculous is in fact smart. Mothers do have a lot on their plates, and a lot is expected of them. Yes, some husbands aren’t as supportive as they should be. And this film really does talk about that with a good balance of seriousness and, of course, comedy. It makes you think of all your mom – indeed both your parents – have done for you. It also has a good message of women, mothers in particular, supporting one another. Sure, Bad Moms follows the cliche woman against woman plot-line, but in the end even those who seem to be enemies find common ground and become friends. Aside from the good plot, this film is really funny. Of course, like most comedy these days, it tends to lean more towards the ridiculous sometimes, but mostly it makes you laugh out loud. The debacles, the partying, the messiness of life, and the jobs that will always disappoint us. We all have bad days, but unfortunately for Amy, Carla (Kathryn Hahn), and Kiki (Kristen Bell), those bad days happen more often than not when they devote most of their time to their kids. It’s funny to see them complain and yet in the same breath say, “God I love my kids.” It makes for what seems like a funny but honest film.

bad moms

What do you get with a cast of talented female comedians in a film about letting loose and letting go of societal expectations? Pure hilarity. Kunis is a great lead; she makes her character both fun and sympathetic. Bell has been doing a lot of comedy films lately, but this role she plays someone quite different, someone timid and very restricted. But she plays the character well, and adds the right touch of aggression and confidence as her character changes. Hahn seems to always play really ridiculous characters, but she managed to make Carla also somehow seem pretty awesome. Christina Applegate is funny and mean as Gwendolyn, the judgmental PTA president. It’s nice that at the end of Bad Moms she gets to give her character a little more depth than being a cardboard cutout mean girl (she reveals she’s actually just as stressed as the other moms are, and she admits she was wrong).

“It’s impossible to know whether or not you’re doing a good job.”

Maybe the last summer flick you’d expect to see is a movie about the stresses of motherhood, but it’s honestly kind of refreshing amid superhero and horror films galore. Bad Moms is silly, fun, a little serious and absolutely packed with a talented female cast. I definitely think a lot of moms will appreciate this film, but even I enjoyed it as a comedy about life.

My Rating: 7.5/10

bad moms

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