Movie Review: “Blackhat” – Good Idea, Terrible Movie

Written by Josh Bornais January 30, 2015

Blackhat Photo 1Blackhat is a movie that brings a lot of fantastic ideas to the table. Blackhat presents a very promising cast including the likes of: Chris Hemsworth, Tang Wei, and Ritchie Coster. It also presents a very interesting storyline: a hacker hacks creates an explosion at a nuclear power plant in Hong Kong, making the Chinese government begins researching the crime to find out exactly what happened. Perfect recipe for a great action movie right? Well, director Michael Mann has found a way to turn what could have been a very enjoyable and action packed movie into a boring waste of time in which you will be constantly asking yourself throughout the movie: “When is this going to end?”

“Blackhat” is about a former prisoner and a hacker named Nicholas Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth) who is released from prison in order to help investigate the crimes that happened at the Hong Kong nuclear plant. Hathaway makes a deal with the warden that his sentence will be commuted if he helps and if he comes up short than the warden will put him back in prison. As Hathaway and his team are investigating the crime, Chinese agents are tracking them down. When the team meets the Chinese agents that are helping them they soon find out that one of them, James Lozano, was a spy and may be connected to the hacker. This brings a lot of issues up throughout the movie such as distrust, political discourse, and controversy.

“This isn’t a negotiation! Well I just made it one.”


The characters in this movie are the first issue at hand. The characters simply do not develop. Throughout the movie Nicholas Haraway remains the anti-hero style character throughout the movie and he does very little in the movie overall. I do compliment Chris Hemsworth for doing a fine job in playing his role, it’s just that his character was just terrible in the first place. In fact, although he’s the main character, he behaves as somewhat of a nuisance to the other characters in the story who obviously just want to get the job done. The other characters seem like all that they do is play their role in the movie with little influence overall on Nicholas’ resolve to solve the crime.

“No Fingerprints. No Trace. No Mercy.”

Another issue is the movie is not visually pleasing to the eye whatsoever and in an action movie I expect to be wowed by the imagery. The movie maintains the same dark overall colour throughout and the actions scenes look like scenes you would see in a 1990’s movie. Finally, the movie was just boring overall. While watching this movie my mind was constantly wandering off because the plot-line did very little to grasp my attention, and in an action movie I expect to be on the edge of my seat throughout all of the action packed scenes and moments.


Overall, this movie is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in quite some time. There are plenty other great action movies out there right now that you can see. The writing of it, character development, direction, visuals, and plot-line were terrible overall. I do not recommend this movie to anyone as this was an utter disappointment to see in the theaters.

My Rating: 1.5/10chris-hemsworth-blackhat

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