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Written by Caitlin Cooper October 01, 2016

bridget jones's baby

You may think Pride and Prejudice film adaptations are a dime a dozen, but perhaps the most memorable modern adaptation was 2001’s Bridget Jones’s Diary. Sure, it’s a loose re-telling, but it was silly and fun. The franchise drew in a loyal following for both films in the early 2000s. And now, over 10 years later, Bridget is back in Bridget Jones’s Baby. It wouldn’t be Bridget if she didn’t land herself in quite a tricky situation, but that’s exactly what faithful fans of the films and books want from this fun reunion.

While all seemed well at the end of 2004’s Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, we find out that Bridget (Renée Zellweger) didn’t quite get the happy ending we all thought. She finds herself single once again, and all of her friends have started their own crazy families. Her career is going very well, as she finds herself the top producer for a news channel. However, she still wants to find that special someone. Enter a crazy weekend: a music festival, alcohol, and a one night stand with a man named Jack (Patrick Dempsey). Seems like it should just be a fond memory. But then Bridget sees her ex, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and they end up spending the night together. None of this would be an issue, except that Bridget ends up pregnant and either man could be the father. The question is, whose is it and who does she want to build a life with?

“Hashtag, let’s do this.”

Bridget is one of those awkward, funny characters whose mishaps and adventures in life and love make them endearing and likeable. In the first two films, she’s bumbling, awkward, always puts her foot in her mouth, and yet finds love (again and again). Her wacky tale is what keeps audiences coming back for more. In Bridget Jones’s Baby, Bridget has an amazing career and amazing friends. She has a little more poise and grace than she used to as a young thirty-something woman. You can clearly see in the years between the films that she’s grown up. She may be more mature in some ways, but she’s still swears like a sailor and gets into shenanigans. The one thing she feels is missing, however, is a partner. We see her meet a charming new man, Jack, and reconnect with her ex, Mark. All three are thrown together when Bridget tells them she’s pregnant and unsure of the paternity. Both men are vastly different, but both want to be there for Bridget and the baby. Of course, the tension creates a lot of hilarity and jokes but it also creates drama. Bridget is forced to decide who she wants to have a family with, and in one moment of clarity she realizes there’s only one person with whom she could ever have a life. Bridget may be a flawed person, but that’s what makes the character so realistic and likeable.

bridget jones's baby

Aside from the entertaining and well-written dramatic plot, Bridget Jones’s Baby is also really, really funny. There are so many f-bombs dropped I lost count, and it’s hilarious to see well-known actors – and even a kid – swear left and right. The comedy seems more mature and includes a lot more profanity, but it’s so funny. One thing these movies have always been great at, and this film is no exception, is keeping you laughing from start to finish. If there’s one thing a romantic comedy should do it’s never be short on laughs. Whether it’s one of Bridget’s mishaps, a misunderstanding, or a sarcastic and judgemental character. There’s plenty of fun and comedy to be found.

“Well, I can always find time to save the world. And Bridget, you’re my world.”

Part of what works so well for Bridget Jones’s Baby is its wonderful cast. Zellweger does wonderfully as the awkward, lovable Bridget. It seems like the role was made for her, and I honestly couldn’t picture anyone else playing the role. From the accent, to the comedic timing, everything is done well. Firth as Mark is usually stoic but he knows when to let his character show a lot of emotion. He was honestly really sweet in this film. Dempsey is a new addition to the cast, but he fits right in. He plays the comedy and the drama equally well. Ed Sheeran and Emma Thompson have small roles, but both bring more comedy to the film. You can literally feel Thompson eye-rolling as she judges Bridget for her predicament. And, of course, there are a lot of returning familiar faces that make this film a fun reunion. Gemma Jones and Jim Broadbent as Bridget’s parents, and Sally Phillips and Shirley Henderson as two of Bridget’s best friends.

bridget jones's baby

Bridget Jones’s Baby is a prime example of how to bring back a film series after over 10 years and still draw audiences in. The film is just what you’d want: equal parts silly and sweet. Sure, I don’t think the films needed a new installment because a happy ending was implied at the end of the second movie. But I’m glad we got one anyway. It’s loads of fun with its British humour and drama, and the cast is back and better than ever (with some new additions). Bridget Jones’s Baby may not be perfect, but neither is its characters. The film is ridiculous and real. And it makes for a fun night at the movies.

My Rating: 8/10

bridget jones's baby

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