Movie Review: “Entourage” – The Boys Are Back

Written by Jesse Gelinas June 05, 2015

The ride isn't over

The ride isn’t over.

Of all the long-running, beloved TV series to go to the big screen, this cinematic follow-up is by far the most unnecessary. Like the preceding series, “Entourage” is not without its charm, and somehow it works. it lets us fall right back into familiarity with Vinnie Chase and his band of east coast bros. They’re a little older, perhaps not much wiser, but just as entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny as ever.

Picking up a few months after the end of the series, we find Drama, E, and Turtle on their way to a yacht party with Vinnie, celebrating his recent divorce from Sophia (during their honeymoon). Vinnie soon gets an acting offer from the recently unretired Ari Gold, but demands that he be allowed to direct the film as well. Eight months later, and a few million over budget, the gang must convince Ari to get them more money, which means dealing with their Texan financier (Billy Bob Thornton) and his son (Haley Joel Osmont). The film is a futuristic version of Jekyll & Hyde, and has the studios nervous about its quality. Added to this, E is about to become a father, Drama is trying to legitimize himself through Vinnie’s new film, and Turtle is chasing down a date with UFC champ Ronda Rousey. This sounds like about a season’s worth of material, but it fits in a nice 100 minute package.

“Fun is forgetting a girl’s name while you’re fucking her.”

What I like about Doug Ellin’s big screen transition is that it’s not striving for some unattainable greatness. “Entourage” was a solid comedy showbiz series. The film is that, and nothing more. It’s got the same wit and pop culture humour that made the series enjoyable for almost a decade. The plot plays out less like a movie, and more like an extended episode. I am convinced that with the right editing, it could serve as the opening episodes of a new season. This actually isn’t a problem, and works with the franchise’s tone quite well.

Fiction poster for Hyde in "Entourage"

All the actors seem to fall quite comfortable back into their characters, particularly Jeremy Piven irreverent studio bigwig, Ari Gold. Grenier’s Vinnie Chase takes a bit of a backseat to his entourage, as E, Turtle, and Drama are given lots of time to shine with their own misadventures. Drama’s quest for legitimacy makes for a few laughs, with a great payoff at the end. Turtle’s pursuit of Ronda Rousey is outrageous and still somewhat charming. And the fighter comes off much more convincing playing herself than in her recent action flicks.

“I will enjoy sneaking up behind you and snatching the life out of you.”

In the true spirit of the series, “Entourage” is packed with cameos. Liam Neeson, Jessica Alba, Gary Busey, Jon Favreau, Kelsey Grammer, Geroge Takai, and Armie Hammer among others all deliver solid jokes in their short appearance. Mark Walhberg (who produced and inspired the series) comes in for a quick and funny scene with his own entourage. Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osmont (whose face still hasn’t grown into his head) play father and son Texan financiers, and serve to screw up our heroes’ movie at every turn. Osmont actually holds his own with the gang, and manages to crack a few good lines, even with his iffy drawl.

In the end, “Entourage” is more of a send-off than an actual film. It’s one last ride with the boys before they all grow up and start acting like men. The chance is there for another follow up, but it’s be even more unnecessary than this one. And this one is just right. L’chaim bitches!

My Rating: 7.5/10

Entourage poster

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