Movie Review: “Fantastic Four” – Not Fantastic

Written by Samah Ali August 14, 2015


As a proud Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller fan, it is sad – and not surprising – to say the “Fantastic Four” reboot is a complete dud. “Fantastic Four” is terribly written and has a poor storyboard, basically proving that great actors sign onto movies that are terrible, but will build their name in Hollywood.

Appearing as an origin story, Reed Richards (Miles Teller) is discovered at his high school science fair after working for years on his half-decent teleportation machine with his sidekick, Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell). Richards then enrolls into a school, presumably made for teenage geniuses, and meets Sue Storm (Kate Mara) and Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell) as they start building a full-blown teleportation device to travel to an alternate universe. Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) somehow finds his way into the project and things obviously go array, causing all five teenagers to develop superpowers (Misfits does this better). The movie doesn’t go further then this besides a poorly executed conflict for the predictable, triumphant fight scene.

“I want my work to make a difference!”

The movie starts out okay with baby Reed and Ben on the screen becoming friends, experimenting with their first teleportation model. “Fantastic Four” quickly fast forwards to the boys at their high school science fair where they are disqualified and told that teleportation is not science — because apparently the most groundbreaking scientific discovery by a seventeen year old boy is not important enough to win a science fair. Then enters the written-off cast of House of Cards, Mara and Reg E. Cathey playing Dr. Franklin Storm. Glad to see the two working together again, however not in this unfortunate circumstance.

What follows is the accident, Von Doom being left in the alternate universe, the rest being experimented on by the government, and Richards fleeing the camp because he’s a scared little boy. Once they are all reunited, under the government’s surveillance of course, they are told to rebuild the teleportation device to return to the other world so the government can use its natural resources — because after colonizing our Earth they wanted new land to take over. Ah, the sweet smell of colonialism. Of course Van Doom is still alive to prevent this from happening, causing the most inexplicable attack of characters in movie history. You didn’t have to kill their father, Victor. That was a little unnecessary.


There really isn’t much else minus the bad ending explaining how the group got their name, but there is something to say about visibility and casting. Jordan was casted as Johnny Storm, which caused major controversies by comic book fans everywhere claiming he wasn’t the ‘right ethnicity’ — the uproar was also charged with racist intentions but we don’t need to go there. What needs to be said is the fact that the Storm family is black and adopted a white daughter. This small gesture shows visibility not only within trans-racial adoption but defying racial and social barriers. In fact, more black people were seen in positions of research and power in this film compared to any other Marvel movie on their roster. “Fantastic Four” deserves a special mention for this, but it doesn’t save the rest of the movie from its horrendous writing.

“The end of your world is the beginning of mine!”

All things considered, don’t watch this movie. The cast is dazzling and Marvel’s universe sounds appealing but “Fantastic Four” is a complete flop and nothing near fantastic.

Rating: 1/10


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