Movie Review: “Home” – Not For Everyone

Written by Caitlin Cooper April 23, 2015


A lot of animated films these days are made for audiences of all ages, with enough cutesy scenes to please the kids, and enough witty jokes for the adults (some jokes are even tailored specifically for more mature viewers). If an animated film is done right, I really enjoy it. Films like “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Brave” are some of the best. Unfortunately, “Home” seems like it’ll appeal more to children than to adults; a lot of the jokes are juvenile, and the plot is mostly paper-thin.

“Home” tells the story of Oh (Jim Parsons), an alien whose species has just moved in on Earth. The humans have been moved to specific areas so that the Boov can take over, but even on a new planet Oh finds himself scorned by his own kind. When Oh makes a mistake that puts the Boov in danger once again, he goes on the run. When Oh meets Tip (Rihanna), a young girl who was separated from her mother Lucy (Jennifer Lopez) during the forced human evacuation, the two decide to become temporary allies. They’re from different worlds, but working together may bring the two species closer than the ever imagined.

“The internet does not lie.”

It’s safe to say that “Home” is a bit disappointing. A lot of the jokes fall flat, and for a film that mostly aims to be a comedy, this is a problem. A couple of the jokes made me smile, but that really only happened about half way or more into the run-time. And I think that’s a huge issue; the movie didn’t really seem to do much until it was almost over. To keep audiences hooked, a film should entertain and engage from start to finish. “Home” didn’t. Because the first half of the film is pretty bland, I was looking forward to the end. What surprised me, though, is that the end was actually….good. Tip is finally reunited with her mom, and Oh has learned that running away isn’t the answer. He also learned that the aggressor isn’t the other alien race, but his own race. I mean, I already knew that the Boov were the ones who took things without thinking of others but it was addressed head-on in a rather interesting way. Being friends with Tip changed Oh for the better, and it allowed him to have finally have people who care about him.


What “Home” has going for it, aside from its surprisingly good ending, is the stunning graphics. The amount of detail put into the animation is astounding. Tip’s hair looks quite life-like, and it’s clear that the graphics team spent a lot of time getting her appearance right. The cat looks a little less life-like, but he’s pretty cute nonetheless. The style is easily reminiscent of “The Croods” as the characters have the same wide faces and big eyes. The amount of detail reminded me of the animation in “How to Train Your Dragon”. The Boov’s changing skin colours are a nice touch that sometimes add to the comedy or tone of a scene.

“Humans are more complicated than it said in the pamphlet.”

“Home” tries to keep up with popular animated films, but in comparison it’s a noticeably weaker film. On the one hand, the graphics are actually really good, and Rihanna does a good job voicing Tip. But on the other hand, the plot isn’t really interesting until almost the end, and the majourity of the jokes are more tailored to entertain kids than teens or adults. The film kind of alienates older audiences, but I’m sure kids will enjoy it.

My Rating: 4.5/10


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