Movie Review: “Hot Girls Wanted” – Eyes (and Legs) Open  

Written by Samah Ali June 04, 2015


One does not simply become a porn star, they have to start somewhere. Whether they are from a little town or big city, girls all over America reply to CraigsList ads seeking ‘hot girls’ to be in a movie, or in other words, shoots. These young women crave fame and the easiest way to gain a fan base is through the adult film industry. Produced by Rashida Jones, “Hot Girls Wanted” takes a look at the porn industry in a new light and shows how amateur porn scouts – or prays on – young women desperate to start a new life filled with money and attention.

A Sundance hit, directors Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus follow Riley Reynolds, founder of Hussie Models, as he introduces young women into the sex trade industry. The documentary shows Rachel Bernard, Kendall Plemons, and Tressa Silguero as they begin their amateur careers and how they earn their names in the adult film world. It exposes disturbing facts and stories about their experiences and how easy it is to become a porn star in a media savvy generation.

“Every day a new girl turns eighteen, and every day a new girl wants to do porn. I will never run out.”

“Hot Girls Wanted” unapologetically shows the lives of these amateur porn stars and the implications they play on their lives. Most of the girls start off not knowing what exactly they are getting into, some are too overwhelmed to continue and leave after a month. Introduced as both their government names and alias names, the young women explain how they started off in the industry and what they have to do to make it big. Not all models are going to make it, and unless they become popular within their ‘teen porn’ market, they have to become niche-oriented models.


Bernard, Plemons, and Silguero all explain how girls get into the industry. Most are desperate to get out of their small towns, others want to travel and live a lavish life of partying and money. Making on average $800 per shoot, the girls explain what positions, actions, and roles pay the most money and how far they have gone. “Hot Girls Wanted” even touches upon Belle Knox, an infamous Duke University student who performs in the industry to pay for her college tuition.

“Hot Girls Wanted” also takes a look behind the scenes on sets and covers the abusive or derogatory footage the girls participate in. Bernard shares her opinions on these shoots and feels like she understands what rape victims must feel like at times: used and disgusted, sometimes even wondering if the money is worth it all.

“That’s where it all comes in: did I really want money that bad?”

Despite the sad points, “Hot Girls Wanted” doesn’t pull any major dramatic moments. It’s simple and asks the young women about their experiences rather than choosing an angle. It exposes the life of an amateur porn star after the camera stops rolling, but it doesn’t move anywhere beyond that.

“Hot Girls Wanted” is an eye-opening documentary that glamourizes and scolds the industry; simple and unapologetic. Not much to it, but an interesting watch.

Rating: 6/10


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