Movie Review: “Minions” – Cute But Slow

Written by Caitlin Cooper July 16, 2015


Ever since “Despicable Me” hit theaters, people have become increasingly obsessed with big-hearted villian Gru’s minions. These small creatures enjoy crime, damage, shopping, and act like kids. Children and adults alike go crazy for the minions, so why not make a movie solely about them before they find Gru? “Minions” has to be one of the most highly anticipated animated films of the Summer, but cuteness can’t make a film good.

“Minions” tells the story of, well, little minions. They’ve been looking for the biggest and baddest villain to be their boss for thousands of years. Unfortunately, the minions are rather accident-prone, and they usually end up killing their bosses soon after finding them. After spending centuries living in a cave, the minions become depressed at not having an evil boss. Kevin (voiced by Pierre Coffin) has a grand idea: leave the cave and once again search for the world’s best villain. Young Bob and guitarist Stuart (also voiced by Coffin) join in the search. It doesn’t take long for them to hear of the highly popular Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock) who wants them to prove their worth by stealing the British crown for her.

“If I was a minion, that’s who I’d want to work for.”

You may be thinking, “That movie looks cute!”, and you’d be right. “Minions” is a cute movie, and Bob is by far one of the best and most adorable minions (he’s the short one with two eyes). He’s so childlike and sweet – he befriends rats and likes to carry around a teddy bear – but he also likes crime as any minion does. Kevin is like the father figure, and Stuart is really just…there. And while Kevin and Bob stand out as distinct characters, the other minions don’t. And some of the human characters aren’t memorable either. Sure, cuteness can draw in audiences of varying ages, but a movie should be more than cute (from an adult audience’s perspective).


It honestly feels like not much happens in this movie despite the three minions going to Villian-Con, traveling from wilderness to the USA to England. But everything was kind of anti-climactic. The plot was pretty paper-thin, and mostly only had one note. The relationship between Kevin and Bob and Stuart was a sweet touch, and the fact that most villains are really only sad and actually root for the good guys is funny. I hate to say it, but what “Minions” seemed to be missing was, in fact, Gru (Steve Carell) and his adopted daughters. Scarlet Overkill is crazy, but her character is somehow sympathetic because she was neglected as a child. But, ultimately, she’s predictable and therefore bland.

“We have big dreams and we will do anything to make them come true.”

The jokes in “Minions” were funny, some were flat. A lot of the funniest moments were sadly already shown in the trailer, and the first full 10 minutes of the film was basically the whole trailer – by which I mean the scenes showing them finding and then accidentally killing their bosses – but expanded upon a bit. So when a good portion of the film seems repetitive thanks to the trailer, it makes the film seem a little slow and stale. What was cool and funny were all of the pop culture references (like the nod to the Beatles).


“Minions” unfortunately doesn’t live up to the immense hype. Sure, the movie is cute and sweet and the ending is pretty awesome. But otherwise the plot is weak, the characters somewhat bland (aside from Kevin, Bob, and a young Gru). I think most kids will love this movie, but “Minions” lacks appeal for older audience members. I still like minions and I think the “Despicable Me” films are good, but “Minions” lacks some of the magic that made the other films so wonderful.

My Rating: 5.5/10


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