Movie Review: “30 Minutes or Less”

Written by Barfoot August 28, 2011


A loser/slacker pizza delivery guy strapped with a bomb vest, and his friend are forced by two other slackers, to rob a bank in less than 10 hours.

Main Cast:

Jesse Eisenberg plays Nick-The Pizza Delivery Guy

Aziz Ansari plays Chet, Nick’s best friend

Danny McBride plays Dwayne, the slacker that masterminds the plan to strap a pizza delivery guy with a bomb and forces him to rob a bank

Nick Swardson plays Travis, Dwayne’s best friend, who helps him out with his plan


What’s good:

Jesse Eisenberg: Eisenberg clearly signed up for this movie before the Social Network was out and the whole world and Hollywood learned of his talent. This movie proves that he can do a better ‘Michael Cera impression’ than Cera himself. Although, he already proved that in Zombieland. He plays his character well and is one of the highlights of the film.

Dialogue: With films that have an uncomplicated premise like this one, the comedy comes from funny and raunchy lines and things going wrong and this movie has enough of both. With Eisenberg being trained on Broadway, and Ansari, Mcbride, and Swardson being comedy geniuses in thier own right, one can tell that a lot of the movie was improvised. The bank robbery scene was a highlight in this film. Almost every line of Mcbride’s was a zinger.

Racial Humour: With one of the main cast members being of colour, jokes surrounding the race are a requirement. Personally, I enjoy racial humour when it’s done right. A lot of the times it’s lazy (like NBC’s Outsourced). As I am of the same kind as Aziz Ansari, I have a unique prespective on whether the jokes worked/ were clever  or if the film-makers were going for the easiest joke or not. In this movie it did work. And it was just the right amount. Race wasn’t the focus of the jokes; the jokes were based on the situations, which is great.

Bromance: Eisenberg and Ansari are in a bromance and McBride and Swardson are also in a bromance. If there was any sort of theme in this movie, Bromance was it. It was in the same vein of the Apatow movies. So if you enjoy Apatow, you will like this. Even though Ben Stiller’s company produced it. It’s almost as if all Jewish people in Hollywood are funny!

Laughs: This movie almost constantly coaxes a genuine laugh or a chuckle out of you. The plot might have holes or a scene might not be needed for the film, but damn it had funny lines. At one point Eisenberg’s character even takes a crack at facebook.

What’s bad:

Aziz Ansari’s acting: The man needs an acting lesson. He is a brilliant comic and knows comedy. But he needs to balance that out with decent dramatic chops. Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, and Seth Rogen have all successfully transitioned from stand-up into films because they can also do drama. While Ansari is funny in almost every scene he is in, his reaction to everything bad is the same-exclaiming in a high voice while raising his arms and shaking them. But that being said, I’m glad they chose to cast him because diversity opens up more areas for comedy and will also motivate people like me to pay to watch films like this.

Plot kinda falls apart: Yeah I know the premise is weak to begin with, and is not meant to be focused on. It’s all about the situations and relationships between the characters. But even still, the plot hurried itself to end the story.  The ending could have been way better and funnier.



 This movie scores better than what it is given credit for. Those professional movie reviewers at ‘Rotten- Effing-Tomatoes’ have got this one pegged wrong. Keep in mind, these are the same people who gave The Town a higher grade than Inception. WTF??

Watch this film on the big screen. It’s certainly funnier than the Change-Up.

My Rating: 7.5/10


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