Movie Review: “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” – Complex and Witty

Written by Caitlin Cooper May 08, 2014


Picking up not long after the events of “The Amazing Spider-Man”, director Mark Webb, and actors Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx combine forces in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” to give audiences a Spider-Man film that is the perfect combination of comedy, action, and drama. When the dangerously strong and psychotic Electro (Foxx) appears and teams up with the Green Goblin to end Spider-Man, Peter Parker (Garfield) faces the decision of how to protect himself, the city, and those he loves.


If there’s one thing a good Spider-Man film should have, it’s an amazing sense of agility and momentum. The camera angles and CGI, especially when he’s swinging on his webs, should be stunning. “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” doesn’t disappoint, with camera movements and sweeping shots as fluid and acrobatic as Spider-Man. The occasional moments of slow-motion – such as when Peter is in mid-swing – adds to the stunning visuals.

“Nothing is what I thought it was.”

Featuring Electro as the main villain was a good idea on Mark Webb and the various writers’ part. His powers are so uncontrolled and ever-changing that he’s truly a strong adversary for Spider-Man. As usual, audiences are introduced and spend time with the villain before his transformation. Before he becomes Electro, Max Dillon is a relatively overlooked Oscorp employee who is so lonely he pins all of his happiness onto Spider-Man (he was saved during a brawl and felt important for once). One of the best things the writers did for this character is to make him so sympathetic and sad that audiences can almost understand why he becomes twisted.

The Green Goblin is also introduced in this film and while the costume is a little silly, the character is anything but. Harry’s physical transformation reflects his increasing inner darkness. “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” also sets ups the Green Goblin and other villains for future installments in the franchise, but it does so in a particularly gruesome way. The film doesn’t shy away from the darker realities of Peter’s life.

spider-man, Electro, The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The film carries us much farther than I thought it would, and the script delivers both quiet and intensely emotional scenes right to the end. Multiple plots are explored for Peter’s personal and crime-fighting spheres. A major plot line is Peter and his various personal relationships, particularly the mystery that is his parents, and the complicated relationship he has with Gwen (Stone). Aunt May (Fields), Peter’s parents, and even Gwen are more fleshed out in this film. Also, the tone is decidedly darker than the last one, mostly because Peter is faced with the repercussions from what happened in “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Here, Peter is much more emotional and vulnerable because of what he’s gone through and the fear he now has for those close to him.

“I like to think Spider-Man gives people hope.”

Garfield is, again, perfect as Peter and his alter-ego, Spider-Man. He is awkward, vulnerable, and witty. Each line flows so naturally, it hardly seems like Garfield’s even playing a character. The dialogue for Spider-Man whilst engaging with the baddies of the film are as amusing as ever. The quick-witted lines are delivered perfectly by Garfield. Stone is once again great as Gwen, and her struggles are surprisingly easy to relate to. Gwen is faced with difficult choices about the future and her relationship with Peter, and her decisions only reflect her strength. In the previous film, Gwen showed she was more than a one-dimensional damsel by risking herself to help the city, and that characteristic is carried through to “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”.


Overall, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is another great installment in the spider-man franchise. The script is well-written, complex, and packed with wit and plenty of action scenes. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone play their characters perfectly. The film has a lot to offer and certainly gives viewers much more than the trailer suggests. If you’re a fan of Peter Parker’s story, this movie will not disappoint.

My Rating: 8.5/10


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