Movie Review: “Catfish”

Written by Barfoot February 15, 2011

Al Val

Movie Review: “Catfish” by AL VAL

SPOILER ALERT – the following gives away the ‘twist’ of the movie, but I’m hoping for your sake you don’t care because you’re not going to see this movie anyways. Good for you, go treat yourself to a delicious tropical fruit, like a pineapple or a mango or a grape. You deserve it, buddy.

First of all, don’t be fooled. This movie is neither about cats, nor fish. And although I hate both I made sure to watch this movie without any personal bias; however, this objectivity didn’t change how craptastic this movie is.Basically it’s a documentary following a guy named Nev who meets a family online through Facebook and begins corresponding from afar all sexy-like with a woman named Megan. When a few incongruities in Megan’s identity become clear to Nev, he and his friends finally decide to venture out to meet Megan in person and confront her.

Long story short (I could’ve used a ‘long story short’ synopsis whilst watching this film) Nev and his two friends find out that this Megan girl is in fact a married woman with two mentally disabled half-sons, acting out this fantasy of hers that allows her to be a beautiful woman in a relationship with a young guy and escape her miserable reality. Her fantasy extends as far as eight or nine fake Facebook profiles, all with complete bios, photo albums, and wall posts on ‘Megan’s page in order to fool Nev.

The main characters annoyed me to no end. While Nev is developing this online relationship with Megan (which I think from the beginning is kinda creepy and weird, but I’m told this is how a lot of relationships begin nowadays. In about ten years we’ll be able to have our Avatars do dirty things to each other while we comfortably watch from our comfortable computer chairs. At least that means NO MORE CUDDLING, AM I RIGHT FELLAS?!?!?!) he sounds like a giddy schoolgirl with a crush on the highschool quarterback. I just wanted to slap him in his stupid head and tell him to grow up. Furthermore, when they find what Megan has posted as her home address, they creep around her house at 4 in the morning, peeking through her windows and commenting on how creepy she is for possibly lying to them. YOU’RE THE ONE STARING THROUGH HER WINDOWS AT 4 IN THE MORNING!!!

Basically this is how the movie goes: you watch this grown man giggle and gush over a (admittedly super-sexy) girl, then obsess and tear himself apart about catching her lying, then creep around her house at four in the morning – mind you, with his two brain-dead friends that just echo everything this creepy girlie-kid says – then you get an in-depth perspective of an old woman’s sad existence of shattered dreams and creepy fantasies that would be pity-able if she didn’t hog all the pitying to herself.

Although I thought it was funny that the movie just pretty much ends after that and a small “where are they now?” thing comes up that says even though this batshit crazy lady took down all the fake profiles, she and Nev are still friends on Facebook.

Awwwwww! 🙂 BFFs. 😉 >>>–> ♥ lolz brb lmao ♥ ♥

I give this movie 2 really awful smelly catfish that are perfect for each other because of their horrendous stankiness and their dirty teen-staches



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