Movie Review: Disney Pixar’s “Brave” – Spectacular !

Written by Britt B June 25, 2012


Once again Pixar has outdone itself with (yet another) opening-weekend-box-office-hit, “Brave”. With its first ever female lead characters, “Brave” tells the story of feisty red-haired Scottish Princess Merida who fights for the chance to change her fate of being betrothed to gain the freedom to choose her own path. As with all Pixar movies, “Brave” keeps audiences laughing the entire movie and adds just the right amount of magic.

The Mother-Daughter Bond and Just the Right Amount of Magic

In an attempt to change her fate, Merida tries to convince her mother that traditions are meant to be broken and ends up mending their broken relationship. With slightly misleading movie trailers, Pixar’s “Brave” does not focus on a young girl’s fight for independence, but is instead more focused on the mother-daughter relationship. Princess Merida and her mother, Queen Elinor, are constantly butting heads throughout the first half of the movie. Queen Elinor is a very proper and traditional woman who believes that a princess must behave with certain elegance and grace at all times and tries to instill these virtues in Merida. But a movie set in Scotland during the Medieval Ages would not be complete without legends and a certain amount of magic. In her attempt to defy a custom that leaves her kingdom in chaos, Merida meets a witch who gives her a spell to change her fate.

The Presence of Men

In past Pixar films their heroines have always been assisted by a male, but such is not the case with “Brave”. Merida is not assisted by any male but stands on her own two feet to fight to change her fate. When looking at the movie as a whole, there is a large number of men within the movie but none that have major roles or are of great importance to the plot. Such is the case with Merida’s father, King Fergus. Although a very burly man, Fergus does not have an authoritative bone in his body whereas on the other hand his wife, Queen Elinor, is the authority figure of the monarchy. Therefore when it comes to laying down the law about Merida’s betrothal, Fergus has nothing to say on the subject and leaves it up to Elinor. For the majority of the movie, the male characters just run around trying to prove their masculinity through constant brawls with medieval weapons. Basically “Brave” presents the men as the brawn and the women as the brains of the kingdom.

Pixar Animation At Its Best

The animation in Pixar’s latest film is remarkable and it is easy to see how much hard work has gone into producing the final product. As I was trying not to be swept away by the beautiful animated Scotland landscape, I started to focus on the animation within it and noticed the amazing attention to detail. For example, if you looked closely you could see the separate strands of curly locks of Princess Merida’s hair and how they were all different shades of red. Not only just the hair but also wrinkles, freckles, clothing, the landscape, etc all have immaculate detailing. It’s no surprise that with every new film Pixar releases they try to make the animation more detailed than that which came before.

Overall, Pixar’s “Brave” is a fun-filled movie that is filled with laughs and loveable for any age. Surrounded by humor, the movie tells a story about tradition, growing up, the importance of family, and the fight to choose your own fate.

My Rating: 9/10

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