Movie Review: “Katy Perry: Part of Me” – She’s More Than Just the Candyland Queen

Written by Britt B July 15, 2012

When I first heard about Katy Perry’s ‘movie’ I expected that it would be another 3D concert movie about the difficulties of making it in the music business.  With this in mind I sat in the theater expecting to get the same old story of how a very talented singer encountered many ups and downs on the road to fame and who then in return made a documentary about themselves to further cash in on their success before their 15 minutes are up.  I was not expecting to be completely moved by Katy Perry’s story and to discover that she was more than the overnight success that I had thought she was.

The movie includes many clips from Katy’s personal video diary and video taken during her ‘Part of Me’ world tour. It shows her journey of going against her family’s beliefs, knowing exactly who she is and not letting anyone make her into something other than herself.

Katy Perry’s Personal Video Diary (Age 18)

Growing Up with Pastors as Parents

One surprising thing about Katy Perry’s movie is that it gives insight into how she grew up in a very religious family with pastors for parents. It is hard to believe that someone who has written songs such as ‘Peacock’ and ‘E.T’ came from such a strongly religious background. There are shots of Katy and her parents from before she became famous and after but it is clear that their love for their daughter is unconditional. Although Katy’s faith is not non-existent, she is not one to conform to what people expect her to be. Her movie shows a great deal of how much family means to her and even includes her grandmother who has a quirky sense of humour towards her granddaughter and her career. Like most documentaries in the music genre, Katy Perry’s movie shows the importance of her family and their support as well as the role her religious beliefs play in her life.

Trying To Keep Everything Together

Shortly after Katy Perry seemingly became an overnight success with her first hit single “I Kissed a Girl” she fell in love with comedian Russell Brand and marriage followed soon after. Tabloids wrote about how it was a fairy tale romance and that it seemed it would last forever. For the longest time the couple seemed extremely happy but then out of nowhere they were getting divorced. Katy’s movie shows their fairytale romance, the heart breaking divorce, and then her realization that no matter how hard you fight it sometimes it is just not meant to be.


The First Katy Perry

One thing that made this documentary stand out was Katy Perry’s unwillingness to be anything other than herself. For a person who has had so much success in a short amount of time, she has a really down-to-earth personality (other than her wacky weirdness).  The movie shows a different side of Katy that fans would not have known outside of the media. It is nice to see that no matter what the music producers tried to make her into (such as the next Avril Lavigne or Britney Spears) Katy Perry never wanted to be anyone but the ‘First Katy Perry’. With so many cookie cutter artists these days, it is always a breath of fresh air to have an artist who goes way outside the box.

Whether you are a fan of Katy Perry or not, this documentary is not like the others of its genre. It is an emotional ride that will have you hooked from the moment it starts and shows that there is more to Katy Perry than her wacky weirdness and colourful hairdos.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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