Movie Review: “The Lego Movie” – Everything is Awesome!

Written by Leo Panasyuk February 18, 2014

Film Review The Lego Movie

I chide Hollywood on a weekly – monthly, if I’m feeling nice – basis about where they pull their ideas from (“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and the upcoming “Pompeii 3D” are notable examples of my ‘Holly-Hate’); so you would think that I’d have a field day when hearing that they’re turning another beloved children’s toy into a movie(“Battleship” being the first). But Lego? Now, that’s a whole ‘nother story. With everyone’s favourite childhood building blocks brought to life, some good-hearted humour, and a diverse yet superbly talented cast, “The Lego Movie” proves that even though some of us have grown past the chapter of our lives where we adored creating works of art with those multi-coloured bits of plastic, we’re never too old to put them back together again.

“Where Are My Pants?”

Chris Pratt voices Emmet Brickowski, an ordinary, everyday Lego construction worker just following the rules set forth to him by the Octan Company day in and day out. When he discovers a mysterious object known only as the Piece of Resistance, he learns that he is the prophetic Special Master Builder and must use it to stop the ‘Kragle,’ a superweapon which threatens the very foundations of his Lego society. With help from another Master Builder, Wyldstyle, voiced by Elizabeth Banks, and her boyfriend, Batman (Will Arnett), Emmet sets out to stop the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell) from using the ‘Kragle’ to destroy the Lego world.


A Must-See Adventure!

This is, by far, the most fun you’ll have at the movies this year. Seriously, bring your friends, co-workers, siblings, and even your priest to this movie – they will all love it. The filmmakers knew what they had in their hands and they did not waste a single brick, err… bit of it; there is so much nostalgic goodness in this movie and so many pop culture references that you can be any age and still enjoy this movie. The film has a nice, seamless blend of stop-motion and computer-generated animation which gives it an old-school-in-the-new-school vibe. Nearly everything you know and love about Lego is here- the fast-motion building, references to Lego spin-offs such as Bionicle, and even the “ages 3-14” label on the boxes. This film isn’t just the Lego movie by title – it encompasses everything Lego.

As previously stated, the movie features a stellar voice cast and you can hear the energy and emotion in every line these actors deliver. Notable cameos include Liam Neeson, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Billy Dee Williams, and Anthony Daniels (I know, right?!) and the ever-awesome Morgan Freeman. As with most children’s movies, there’s an underlying message that they’re trying to get across and for the most part, they manage to find ample success with it but the moment it happens, it feels a little forced. The message comes a little naturally, yes, but there’s never a smooth feeling of segue, as it just places itself in front of you. However, the message is clear, touching, and one that we can all relate to.



“The Lego Movie” is a hilarious, charming, and incredibly nostalgic experience of a movie and one that you can enjoy again and again. Through witty writing, marvelous voice-acting, and colourfully eye-popping animation, the little multi-coloured and multi–shaped building bricks from your childhood are brought to life on the big screen in the year’s best (so far) feel-good movie.

My Rating: 8.5/10


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