Movie Review: “Movie 43” – Should Have Quit At 42

Written by Travis Pulchinski January 27, 2013


Gerard Butler

Lord knows there are a lot of movies out there that can definitively be called “bad”. However, it’s very seldom that you come across a movie so terrible it transcends that particular definition and becomes something else altogether.  In that way, “Movie 43” joins a perversely prestigious group of movies that use manipulative marketing and big name casts to lure hapless movie-goers into the theatre before presenting them with the shoddiest, laziest, most hackneyed production they could manage to create while still remaining respectfully on par for their budget. A “bad” movie at least hopefully had some inspiration behind it and failed.  “Movie 43” on the other hand, is little more than a dirty con.

“Geez! He’s so into balls!”

“Movie 43” is the bastard brainchild of fart-joke aficionado Peter Farrelly who produced and collaborated with the ensemble cast of writers, directors and actors over four years to produce this abhorrent disaster.  “Movie 43” is a series of short skits tied together by another skit that features Charlie, a desperate writer (played by Dennis Quaid), holding a producer (Greg Kinnear) at gun point and forcing him to listen to his terrible movie pitches. What follows is a 70-minute live-action episode of “Robot Chicken”, as each new idea is portrayed in an increasingly crude and tactless skit one after another until it just sort of ends.  The shorts rely primarily on signature Farrelly-style gross-out humour, with flying feces and f-words abound.  All of which would of course be more than welcome if they were components of even moderately funny scenes.

Richard Gere in "Movie 43"

Pretty much the face the whole audience was making while watching this movie

Poop.  If you laughed at that you might like this.

To be fair, two or three of the twelve shorts are actually pretty funny, including a particularly hilarious one appropriately pairing the trinomial duo of Chloë Grace Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Consistently, the funnier shorts are the ones that are shorter and don’t rely on excrement-related gags to get their laughs.  The vast majority of the skits elicited groans and shrieks of disgust from the audience, which I suppose is commendable in its own way.  Moreover, based on the encompassing premise connecting all the shorts it’s apparent that the movie is at least aware of how low-brow it’s being, which also makes it a bit easier to forgive.  However, it’s always been my view that a movie knowing it’s bad, while maybe making it slightly less bad, certainly doesn’t make it good.  I must admit though that there’s something admirable about the sheer audacity this movie has to even exist.  Sure, the big-name cast was probably disproportionately paid for the hour and half it took each of them to film their scenes, but it’s impressive just to see them all in the same movie together, dipping their private parts into guacamole.

Halle Berry in "Movie 43"

Three guesses where she’s gonna put that.

This is why God made free movie passes

The movie’s marketing heavily leans on its star-studded cast, coupled with a deliberate ambiguity surrounding it’s content.  “WTF is Movie 43?” Well I’ll tell you what the fuck “Movie 43” is.  It’s a scam.  It’s designed to get your money and get you inside the theatre doors before you hear about how bad it is.  Well I’m telling you now, so no excuses. While it certainly thinks outside the box, “Movie 43” will make you want to go crawling back to the box and to curl up inside of it, crying in the fetal position. The very few moments worth watching will be on youtube within a month so I highly recommend just waiting it out.

My Rating: 3.5/10



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