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Written by Caitlin Cooper June 03, 2015

pitch perfect 2

Who knew that a film about a college all-female a capella group would be such a hit? “Pitch Perfect” was the film that set itself apart from other films in 2012 and managed to gain a lot of fans with its talented cast, catchy songs, and laugh-out-loud comedy. It was so successful that the studio ordered a sequel. And, finally, “Pitch Perfect 2” hit theaters about two weeks ago, and let’s just say it’s aca-awesome; the film made over $70m its opening weekend. Believe me when I say “Pitch Perfect 2” is a lot of fun, and it’s the perfect summer film.

“Pitch Perfect 2” follows the Barden Bellas, now three-time champions, who are on tour. When their act goes terribly awry and the competition gets bad publicity, the Bellas are banned from holding auditions for new Bellas and from competing in on campus this year. If they prove themselves by winning the Worlds, an a capella competition with one group from each country around the world, they may be reinstated. But winning is going to be difficult with fierce competition and impending graduation for some members. The Bellas need to re-discover themselves, and fight for their chance to perform at local competitions again.

“This isn’t the end of the Bellas.”

Sure, the plot of “Pitch Perfect 2” isn’t without issues, but mostly it’s a great story. At its heart, it’s a story about friendship, female solidarity, and growing up. Graduating from post-secondary school can be daunting because school won’t be the focus of your life anymore, and there’s pressure to immediately be successful or to be highly successful. Beca (Anna Kendrick) is afraid of life after college, and Chloe (Brittany Snow) doesn’t want to leave the life she’s built as a college student. Amy (Rebel Wilson) has just been publicly embarrassed, and while she doesn’t let this get to her, she’s also trying to put off growing up. Enter Emily (Hailee Steinfeld), the hopeful freshman who dreams of joining the Bellas. She joins them at a tense time, and helps remind them of what they were before the trophies and tours. They’ve forgotten what it means to be Bellas, what it means to be friends. The Bellas have been doing what they can to make their performances unforgettable and popular, but in doing so have become just like everyone else. So the journey is to find themselves and their sound again, and to remember why they joined the Bellas in the first place: to have fun and make friends. Of course, “Pitch Perfect 2” is full of comedy. Some of the jokes fall flat – and some go a little too far – but mostly I laughed out loud at the silliness and the honesty of (most of) the jokes.

Pitch Perfect 2

“Pitch Perfect” made its mark partly due to its great songs and amazingly talented cast. “Pitch Perfect 2” is no different. Kendrick still shines as one of the strongest singers in the film, though newcomer Steinfeld has a surprisingly really good voice as well. Snow is also a good singer. Even though these actors weren’t professional singers prior to being cast, they have the talent. And while all of the Bellas’ performances – and a good portion of the other performances – are mash-ups, they’re all really catchy. And the Bellas performance at the Worlds? It’s the best. It’s all about female solidarity, female empowerment, and staying true to yourself. It doesn’t hurt that the Bellas sound awesome, especially when singing Emily’s ‘original’ song.

“It’s a sisterhood that’s going to support you for the rest of your life.”

If you can’t tell already, I think “Pitch Perfect 2” has an amazing cast. Kendrick, Snow, Wilson, and Steinfeld really shine. Kendrick easily carries the film as Beca with both comedy and vulnerability. Wilson is a scene-stealer; she’s one of the funniest actors in the film. Snow plays her character with a sense of the bittersweet at graduating. Steinfeld’s character is both awkward, sweet, and very optimistic. Her character helps ground the film’s more out-there scenes. Skyler Astin plays Beca’s boyfriend, Jesse, and while the character is somewhat under-used, he still acts as Beca’s support and delivers silly comedy. There are also a lot of cameos in “Pitch Perfect 2”, and some are so completely random.

pitch perfect 2

“Pitch Perfect 2” is a fun film with the perfect balance of comedy, serious issues, and great music. The film was made because people enjoyed “Pitch Perfect” so much, and “Pitch Perfect 2” is just as enjoyable (a rarity in comedy sequels). The plot may not be perfect, and some of the jokes may miss the mark, but the cast is incredibly talented and when the film’s good it’s really good.

My Rating: 8.5/10

pitch perfect 2

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