Movie Review: “Pitch Perfect 3” – A Pitchin’ Finale

Written by Caitlin Cooper January 04, 2018

pitch perfect 3

When I was an undergrad, 2012’s Pitch Perfect was one of the college films that I enjoyed the most with it’s relevant themes of finding yourself, and of course the comedy and great music. 2015’s Pitch Perfect 2 was even better because it celebrated women and friends who are more like family. With each instalment, the music only got better. The franchise quickly became popular and unforgettable. So with the new and final film, Pitch Perfect 3, I knew the story would be bittersweet. But my oh my is it aca-awesome.


In Pitch Perfect 3, the original Bellas has graduated and are all in the workforce, for better or for worse. But after going to a performance the new Bella members hold, they realize that they miss their college days when they were together and doing what they do best: singing. The Bellas decide to reunite for one last competition at an overseas USO tour, but this time they’re the only a capella group competing. The tour ends up being so much more than they expect, and some opportunities may arise for these crazy characters.

“You’re not remembering all the times I’ve been awesome.”

What I’ve always loved about the Pitch Perfect movies is how relatable they are to young adults. Pitch Perfect 3 is no different. The older Bellas like Beca (Anna Kendrick), Chloe (Brittany Snow), and Aubrey (Anna Camp) are working jobs that cause them stress or make them unhappy. Emily (Hailee Steinfeld), who’s still in college, is struggling to balance homework with songwriting. All of these are relevant issues. How do we balance hobbies with school? How do we find a job that can not only support us, but also fulfil us? Through it all, the Bellas have each other for support. In a world where woman often face a lot of trials and tribulations, having a film like Pitch Perfect 3 that is full of female empowerment is important. The story shines the most when the Bellas are supporting each other, whether it be through comedy or through more emotional scenes.

pitch perfect 3

In Pitch Perfect 3, the Bellas go on a global tour. That means shenanigans and mishaps abound. We have the classic riff-off you’d expect, and lots of songs. The movie doesn’t quite flow as well as the previous instalments and it feels like it moves at a quick pace. Part of that is because they focus very little on each tour stop, and more on musical montages. Oh, and also on Fat Amy’s (Rebel Wilson) surprising backstory. Have you ever wondered about Amy’s time before the Bellas? Well, we we find out so much about her story that adds a surprising twist of drama and action. You need to see it to aca-believe it. The film opens not only with a song, but with an explosion. Literally. Aside from that, the story focuses on a surprising and scary career opportunity Beca is offered. Almost all of the girls get their own plot-line and that lets us get to know the characters better before we bid them farewell.

“Let’s aca-rock this.”

Of course, another big part of Pitch Perfect – aside from the often sarcastic and self-deprecating comedy – is the fantastic music. In Pitch Perfect, the Bellas needed to update their sound and sing modern songs. In Pitch Perfect 2, the Bellas found a new sound with an original song. I’ll leave the finale a surprise, because it’s best enjoyed that way. The song selection this time around is full of some recent hits, and the vocals are stronger than ever. Anna Kendrick and Hailee Steinfeld steal the show with their amazing singing, but Brittany Snow also gets the chance to show off her lovely voice. If you love music, Pitch Perfect 3 is a great film to see. It not only celebrates music, but also gives audiences catchy songs to enjoy.

pitch perfect 3

Pitch Perfect 3 may not be the most talked about film in theatres right now, but it deserves our attention. It’s funny, surprising, and full of amazing music. With a talented cast like Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick, and Hailee Steinfeld, there’s a lot to appreciate about this film. Sure, the pacing isn’t as smooth as it could be, but the film feels like a more mature step for the Bellas. For a finale film, I think it’s a good shift in tone. So do yourself a favour and check out Pitch Perfect 3, a truly unforgettable finale.

My Rating: 8/10

For your listening pleasure, check out the mashup the Bellas did with The Voice contestants:


pitch perfect 3

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