Movie Review: “Pitch Perfect” – Right on Key

Written by Emily McWilliams October 21, 2012

It would seem that “Pitch Perfect” is capitalizing on the A cappella/music mash-up trend made famous on “Glee”.  In many ways, it does.  However, “Pitch Perfect” is much more daring in its humour and pushes the envelope with a lot of its jokes.  Instead of “Glee”, think of this as “Animal House” or “Porky’s” with characters busting out today’s biggest pop hits.  This formula may not work for everyone, especially those who loathe the musical genre, but “Pitch Perfect” amazingly rises above the music numbers thanks to its young talent including Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Brittany Snow.  “Pitch Perfect” is the crowd pleasing surprise to come out this fall because of its hard hitting beats and laughs.

Prepare to be Pitch-Slapped

Beca (Kendrick) is a reluctant collage freshman, who would rather be spinning tunes in LA than getting ready for a Philosophy 101 class.  Her father, a college professor, pushes her to try some clubs on campus; if Beca still hates college by the end of the year, then she is free to go to LA.   While she claims that she doesn’t sing, Beca is discovered by a leader of The Bellas, an A cappella group on campus looking to redeem themselves after a humiliating loss at last year’s finals.  The Bellas’ reputation has been hurt so badly that they are forced to take on the less-desirable audition hopefuls creating a team of misfits that need to be whipped into shape for competition against rival team The Treblemakers.  Beca thinks The Bellas need a musical overhaul to have a shot at winning but her team is reluctant to change.  Over the course of a year, The Bellas face challenges of love, friendship, and self-expression as they try to reach the A cappella finals.

Kendrick and Wilson Steal the Show

“Pitch Perfect” features strong performances from its entire cast – both in acting, as well as the singing and dancing incorporated into the musical numbers.  Anna Kendrick has come a long way from being Bella’s sidekick in the “Twilight” movies and changes up her repetoire with her portrayal of tough Beca.
The film’s breakout star is definitely Rebel Wilson though.  Wilson may look familiar because of roles in “Bridesmaids” and “Bachelorette”; anyone familiar with these films knows that Wilson’s performances in both were scene-stealing and hilarious. The same is true in “Pitch Perfect”.  Wilson’s character, “Fat” Amy was outrageous, confident, and held absolutely nothing back.  It’s hard to imagine another actress in the role who could’ve done it better.  Hopefully Wilson keeps riding this train of success and I can’t wait to see her in another comedy.

Not into Musicals? “Pitch Perfect” Will Surprise You

Despite the name, the movie isn’t exactly perfect.  There are some predictable moments and clichéd scenes of broken hearts and college rowdiness but all of this is forgiven because the movie delivers what it promises – insane musical performances and hilarious one-liners.  This isn’t high art, but if you’re looking for something fun and different give “Pitch Perfect” a shot.  It will definitely surprise you.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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