Movie Review: “Prometheus”- Sci-Fi/Horror at its Near Best

Written by Rachel Ganzewinkel June 09, 2012


If you don’t know what “Prometheus” is about, well, crawl out from under that rock and listen up. It’s only one of the most buzzed about movies this summer that’s an is-it-or-isn’t-prequel to “Alien” (also directed by Ridley Scott). “Prometheus” follows Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) and a team of explorers as they travel into space to discover man’s origins.

(Note: I used this trailer because the subsequent trailers that are 2-3 minutes long very much ruin the movie, so please don’t watch it if you want to get the full experience from this movie.)

Heavy on the Awesome, not on the Philosophy

With the flawless Michael Fassbender playing the android David, you would think there would be more conflict of interest in what is human, why humans were made, and if humans were made, what makes them any better than the machines they built? Believe me, that stuff is in there and it adds a nice level of depth to the film, but it doesn’t shove those viewpoints and queries down your throat like a bad dose of medicine. These topics are brought up and left to sit in the minds of the viewer as levels of mind-blowing awesome bombard the rest of the senses.

The Special Effects

Sweet Jesus are the effects cool. The depth the 3D brings literally immerses you on this other planet (which I will now give props out to the land of Iceland for looking so beautiful and other-wordly, and allowing this badass movie to be a thing). Everything from the space suits and some weird holographic technology (I will not speak anymore of that, I really don’t want to ruin any wonderful surprises) are so meticulously detailed, it allows you to sink even deeper into this possible future world.


This Whole “Prequel” Debacle

Ok, so Ridley Scott has totally said it’s not a prequel to his insanely awesome sci-fi classic “Alien” which stars Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, the badass heroine. In “Prometheus,” Noomi Rapace (who is, shall we say, a bonafide Hollywood star now?) is also a badass heroine, but their missions are different, and holy bejeesus, the stuff that goes down in “Prometheus” is less subtle atmospheric creepiness, and more crazy stuff  happening because humans meddled in areas they shouldn’t have. Like “Alien,” it does have great atmosphere, as well as kind of a lack of a story. Events just basically transpire among the explorers in the movie, and the only thing that connects “Alien” and “Prometheus” is an event at the end. Literally, these two movies could be stand alone films that just have a common factor.

Some New Stars will Emerge

Noomi Rapace from the original Swedish “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” movies and recently of “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” fame, has definitely made her mark. She plays the feisty Elizabeth Shaw who battles with personal faith amidst the discovery of an alien race and takes the film by storm. She owns her role and the movie and totally deserves top billing. Logan Marshall-Green is another almost-recognizable face you’ll most likely see more of. He’s from television’s “The O.C.” among other recent small films like M. Night Shymalan’s “Devil.” Michael Fassbender is an emotionless android and yet ends up stealing many scenes with his intrinsic stoic coolness. Along with Charlize Theron, this cast is packed with talent that makes this movie even better.


I honestly wasn’t expecting much from “Prometheus.” Ridley Scott has a sci-fi style in which I’m not personally a fan (things are a bit too slow for my taste). However, this film, written by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof (of “Lost” fame) brings the bite and shock a horror/sci-fi should. There is even a scene that is equal to that of the crazy “chest-bursting” scene from “Alien.” While there are similarities between “Prometheus” and “Alien” they are also both movies that can stand alone in awesomeness. However, there are moments in “Prometheus” that will definitely appeal to those “Alien” fans. And that’s all I’m going to say. Everyone needs to see this movie with cool characters, cool philosophy, cool action scenes, and if you don’t mind being left hanging when it ends, with multitudes of questions left unanswered (which is its glaring flaw), then this movie is near perfect.

My Rating: 8.5/10

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