Movie Review: “Step Up Revolution” – Less Than Revolutionary

Written by Britt B July 30, 2012

From director Scott Speer comes the fourth installment in the “Step Up” franchise. With the first film in the franchise gaining much recognition through starring Channing Tatum, all the movies to follow look at the lives of different male and female leads. Having seen all of the “Step Up” movies I find it easy to compare what makes this fourth movie by far the worst in terms of its predictable, cheesy story-line, flat 3D, and yet the best in terms of its flash mob dance sequences.

A quick peak at the “Step Up Revolution” trailer will help to give some background on the movie before I dive into discussing its plot.

Guy Meets Girl

As with the movies that came before it, the plot in “Step Up Revolution” is predictable. The story begins with the introduction of Sean (Ryan Guzman), a member of a Miami dance crew called ‘The Mob’ trying to get recognition in a big city. Then he meets Emily (Kathryn McCormick) and she joins the dance crew in search of her own creative style. The difference with “Step Up Revolution” is that it is no longer a showdown of dance crews but a show of how dance can bring people together when they need to be united to stand up for what they believe in. Overall, other than the obvious lack of plot creativity, this movie was full of cheesy lines that will make you roll your eyes and shake your head with embarrassment for the writers.

Sean (Ryan Guzman) and Emily (Kathryn McCormick)

Flat 3D

Eventhough the film is promoted as being a 3D movie, the 3D in this installment is rather flat compared to the previous movie, “Step Up 3”. When comparing the two 3D movies there is a notable difference. “Step Up Revolution” was first shot in 2D and then created into a 3D movie in post-production whereas “Step Up 3” was shot using 3D cameras. The 3D of “Step Up Revolution” was noticeably fake. For example, in one scene where the flash mob breaks out into dance there are one dollar bills that fall from above the dancers and the way the 3D was done makes all the bills in the foreground of the screen look animated while the ones in the background still look real. This same sort of thing happens numerous times within the movie, which can be annoying knowing how far 3D technology has come over the last few years and the step backwards the 3D in this movie is taking.

Join the Dance Revolution

The thing with the “Step Up” movies that never disappoints are the epic group dance numbers and “Step Up Revolution” topped all the others. The groups were bigger, the effects were better, and the routines were AMAZING. If you don’t go to see the movies for the love story or the 3D, you should see it for the dance routines. This movie brings you not just another dance crew with a girl who wants in on the fun, but it also brings you a group of people trying to make a difference in the only way they know how to express themselves, which is through dance.

Overall this particular “Step Up” movie was not worth seeing in 3D and the cheesy storyline was predictable since it basically mirrored every other “Step Up” storyline. The only part of the movie that was worthwhile watching was the epic flash mob dance numbers.

My Rating: 6.5/10

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