Movie Review: “Ted”- Seth MacFarlane just gets me

Written by Ethan Butler July 02, 2012

Being a longtime fan of “Family Guy” I personally had high expectations when it was announced that creator Seth MacFarlane would be making his feature film debut with an “R-Rated” comedy about a grown man and his talking teddy bear. Then the cast started to fill out with great actors such as Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and Joel McHale, with the man of a thousand voices, Seth MacFarlane, providing the voice of the foul mouthed cuddly bear which only made my hopes grow more. After seeing the film not once, but twice I am very happy to announce that it is without a doubt the most hilarious film of the year. It is offensive, crude, and rude, but it also features one of the most believable, and honest movie friendships in recent memory.

While watching and laughing at the films spectacular combination of boundary pushing jokes, almost parodic scenarios, and examples of a true male friendship I came to the realization that it had felt like forever since I had laughed that hard, out loud, in public. This combined with hearing the sold out theatre burst into laughter along with me, gave me the feeling of such great joy that only laughter can bring. “Ted” is Seth MacFarlane on comedy steroids, and he deserves a great deal of credit for his feature film directorial debut being such an impressive one.

Writer, Director, Star

Seth MacFarlane in writing, directing, and being in a starring role in “Ted” gives us one of the most painstakingly funny films of the past few years. Not since “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and “Knocked Up” has a film so expertly balanced extreme offensive comedy, and honest friendships. MacFarlane deserves the biggest of pats on the back for crafting such an immensely entertaining, and heartfelt comedy. The character of Ted is offensive, and rude but also surprisingly believable. The foul mouthed teddy bear idea in any other hands would have failed after the first few scenes, but in the hands of MacFarlane Ted comes off as both hilarious and heartfelt.

Comedy Gold

One of the things that makes “Ted” such a hilarious (calling it funny isn’t enough) film is its combination of surprisingly topical jokes, willingness to offend all, fantastic film references, great cameo’s, and take no prisoners attitude. The film is continuously hilarious all the way through its nearly two hour run time. Nearly all of its jokes hit the mark, and the film features some truly iconic moments. The sight of tough guy Mark Wahlberg getting the living shit beat out of him by a stuffed bear may go down as one of the most memorable scenes in comedy cinema history.

Honest, and True

The thing though that saves Ted from being just another rude, and crude comedy is the surprisingly sweet, and honest friendship between Ted and John. Watching this film and seeing how the two of them interact is like remembering all the fun times you and your best buddies have had. Their conversations are ones that are almost identical to ones that all over the world friends are having, and/or have had. While still being crazily offensive on so many levels, these two have a truly special bond.

“Something I call a Dirty Fozzie”

If images like the one above are not enough to make you want to see this brilliant, almost satirical new comedy then there is not much I can say that will convince you otherwise, but here are a few more things anyways. “Ted” is immensely entertaining, painfully hilarious, quite offensive, and a surprisingly sweet film. Seth Macfarlane completely delivers, along with Wahlberg, Kunis, and the rest of the cast. If you’re looking for a film to make you cry both from laughing, and honest emotion look no further than “Ted”.

My Rating: 9/10

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