Movie Review: “The Dark Knight Rises”- A Spectacular Spectacle

Written by Rachel Ganzewinkel July 21, 2012

Christopher Nolan does it again; he has created an unbelievable spectacle, story, and piece of amazing kick-ass filmmaking. Swearsies there won’t be any spoilers, all that will follow are bursts of gushing love and critical examination of the final installment in Nolan’s spectacular Batman trilogy (note: there will be much more love gushing).

I purposefully put in the third trailer released as the fourth one simply portrayed too many awesome sequences from the movie (which trailers need to stop doing overall nowadays). But seriously, the eerie tension and hardcore bad-assery felt in that trailer keeps up throughout “The Dark Knight Rises.” Since the cast is basically an “Inception” reunion and then the superstars Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway, there is no word of a doubt how amazing each actor portrayed their character.

Sexy Selena Kyle

Remember when Anne Hathaway starred in such kid-let fare as “The Princess Diaries” and “Ella Enchanted”? Yeah, well forget about that because her level of bad-ass female has made the moment where young boys are hanging posters of her on their walls happen. Her Selena Kyle (or “Catwoman”, even though she is never referred to as that) is not an object of the male gaze. Her skintight suit and all of her handy knick-knacks all serve purpose as she needs to slink around as easily as possible to do what she does best, which is steal. Anne Hathaway is an official superstar now and she deserves it. How she handles herself as Selena is sexy, manipulative, and when it comes down to it, completely human.

The Villian

Tom Hardy is pretty gosh darn awesome, and he does not disappoint as Bane at all. The way he carries himself, the way he bulked up to an insane degree, everything adds up to an intimidating villain who has no qualms or concerns about taking on the Batman himself. The fight scenes are very well choreographed and Bane’s mask does make some words muffled but not to an extreme; in no way does it interfere with the viewing experience. Hardy speaks slow enough and repeats some difficult to understand phrases so you get it the second time. It’s not even so much what Bane has to say as to what his presence brings. He is an agent of chaos, much like the Joker, but he represents a much more physically intimidating kind of villain.

The Epic-ness

Hans Zimmer is so epic. He is a genius at pairing the right music with certain characters and moments to evoke even more emotion out of them. His deep bases and use of brass instruments is definitely a big part in the entire epic-ness of the movie. Another thing that helps with the epic feeling? Epic moments. There are very few small moments in this movie, everything is done at an unbelievably large scale, so ‘epic’ is the word I have deemed most appropriate for this. The use of a ridiculous amount of extras in that scene where all those cops and prisoners run at each other as a war is essentially initiated, is nothing short of stunning (and epic).


People need to see this movie. It is a fantastic end to a great trilogy and all of the actors do a fantastic job at doing their characters justice. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is endearing and utterly heroic in his role as a police officer. Anne Hathaway is sly, sexy, and yet very real as Selena Kyle. Tom Hardy is intimidating and badass as Bane. Marion Cotillard is fantastic as always. However, the only problem I have with her character, Miranda Tate, in relation to Bruce Wayne, is that it seems too James Bond-y. They just suddenly start making out then hook up really quickly for what seems to be the sole reason being they both very attractive people. Christian Bale is an amazing actor. His take on Batman is great as always. Christopher Nolan sure knows how to cast for his movies.

The entire movie is an epic, spectacular spectacle that builds to a mind-blowing climax. It’s a busy movie that has zero dead-space. I have no idea how they would’ve ended it differently, but I must say, the final five minutes are a bit anti-climactic but it creates a satisfying end to a supremely epic superhero trilogy.

My Rating: 9/10

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