Movie Review: “The Devil Inside”

Written by Rachel Ganzewinkel January 23, 2012

A movie so bad, the devil should sue for misuse of his name.

This is easily one of the worst movies in existence. It’s a “found-footage” pile of alley-way vomit someone ate, regurgitated and called it “horror.” The Devil Inside is just a movie about a woman who tracks down her mother who killed some people while an exorcism was being performed on her, and wants to know why her mother did it. Then a whole bunch of stuff happens which just a giant waste of time for everybody.

The trailer is intricately woven to fool the audience into thinking this movie is even a little frightening. However, all it does is play on old horror clichés like sudden noises and well, demons and stuff. This movie isn’t even a funny-bad scary movie, it’s just so bad it made me rage. But then it made me laugh only because I felt stupid for being duped into paying those d-bags who made this piece of garbage, and who I can only assume are laughing at everyone else who has done the same. I am so angry about so many things in The Devil Inside I compiled a concise list of points I thought of while watching this ghastly flick.

Rage Point #1 – Religion vs. Science

Religion and science are huge topics that would be intriguing in anything that was smart enough to pull off a valid argument for either side. But this is just a mockery of both. The Father’s representing the Catholic Church in this film apparently don’t back their Church’s views in most ways. Ok then…so why become a Catholic Priest in the first place…devoting your entire life to it?

Rage Point #2 – Negative Mental Illness Depiction

The negative depiction mental illness garners in many films, especially horror, is just exploitative. The underlying theme of this is whether these people are insane or possessed by demons is insulting. That still ties mental illness in with evil and the devil. I am just annoyed by this in all movies that use mental disease to add a “creepy” component.

Rage Point #3 – Found-footage Films

Found-footage films are stupid. We know they aren’t real and perpetuating the notion they are makes the fact this story is fiction more noticeable and prevents you from getting lost in the movie. Also, excessively shaky camera work is very irritating when it goes on for an hour and a half.

Rage Point #4 – Saying Stupid Things Everyone Knows aren’t Real

The captions that began the movie saying that ‘the Vatican did not support the making of the film’ are ridiculous. Of course the Vatican didn’t support it, who would? Who cares? What does the Vatican have anything to do with Hollywood’s dwindling horror film industry? NOTHING.

This is exactly how I felt while watching this movie.

Rage Point #5 – The General Declining State of Horror Movies

Horror movies in general are becoming so lackluster it’s actually making me sad. Everything is about cheap thrills (hence the entire movement of torture-porn horror) and trying to be insightful. Old –school movies from the horror industries golden years like Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween (the originals) were just really cool popcorn flicks you could have fun getting scared by. When a horror movie tries to sell itself as a legitimate head scratcher of psychological inquisition it is just irritating considering it is almost always never done correctly.

The only kinda cool part was seeing this girl pop out her own shoulder.

Rage Point #6 – Pushing the Limits too Damn Far

Cheap tricks are one thing, going too far in your movie’s actions is another. *SPOILER ALERT* (but just read it anyway because I would never endorse you seeing it). In one scene one of the Catholic Priests is under possession by a demon and tries to drown a baby.

That scene actually happened. In a better movie it might come across as horrifying but in this, it was just infuriating. It was clear it was only done to shock the audience.

The Devil Inside is awful. It’s a mockery to everything I raged about above. I give this movie one giant middle finger up.

My Rating: 0/10


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