Movie Review: “The F Word” – Harry and Sally, Reincarnated

Written by Samah Ali August 07, 2014


After watching this film at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, I knew it would go places. Around a year later, it’s finally released for the world to see. “The F Word” is a delightful film starring underrated talent that touches upon the delicate line between friendship and relationships. Did I say underrated? But Harry Potter is in it! Well yes, but we’ll get to that. With Zoe Kazan, Adam Driver, Mackenzie Davis, Rafe Spall, and of course Daniel Radcliffe, “The F Word” is a relateable, awkward yet charming, modern day “When Harry Met Sally”.

Wallace (Radcliffe), a recent med school drop out, is friends with the lovable Allan (Driver), who is madly in love with his girlfriend Nicole (Davis), and introduces him to their mutual friend Chantry (Kazan). The two hit it off, bouncing off each other as if it was written. Getting over a break up, Wallace believes that Chantry may be the one, but he is hit with the bomb that she has a boyfriend (Spall). Hoping they can stay friends, the two struggle to walk the line of friendship without upsetting Chantry’s boyfriend. The chemistry, awkward goodbyes, and unexpected travel plans makes you ask the age-old question: If you find the one, but are dating someone else, should you go for it?

“I just had sex and I’m about to eat nachos. This is the greatest moment of my life!”

After watching “The F Word”, I had two thoughts. Firstly, I was disappointed in myself for not seeing any of the actors walking around Toronto. Secondly, not only did the casting director do a great job, but also, these actors have not been commended for their talents. Ever since I fell in love with Zoe Kazan’s writing and acting in “Ruby Sparks”, I questioned why it took me so long to discover her. Adam Driver has grown on me since the beginning of “Girls”, and he continuously out does himself in every role. Rafe Spall has been in features like “Life of Pi” and “Earthbound” but manages to fly under the radar. Of course there is the argument of Daniel Radcliffe being a huge star, but keep in mind that he has been trying to shake the Harry Potter mantle since the end of the series. Radcliffe manages to remove all remnants with the role of Wallace, along with the rest of the cast that acted wonderfully, showing off their range.


Being a modern-day version of “When Harry Met Sally”, I am happy to recount that this film did not cover the clichés seen in everyday romantic comedies. The best-friend-turned-lover story has gotten old, as I can name off at least five films that go along with this plot. But “The F Word” changes the game by showing the authentic relationship between two people and how it can develop into something unexpected. It’s life, and it was about time a movie captured this sincere connection in a lighthearted fashion.

 “… I totally get that guys don’t want to hang out with the ‘Girl with the Boyfriend’.”

Due to its talented cast, refreshing plot, and scenic Toronto shots, I am utterly infatuated with “The F Word” and believe it’s a perfect comedy to watch with friends, significant other, or that friend-who-may-be-more-than-a-friend. Harry and Sally would be proud, along with every person who has dealt with these circumstances.

Rating: 8.5/10


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