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Written by Caitlin Cooper June 08, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars

Following the increasingly popular trend of books being adapted to films, it comes as no surprise that one of John Green’s most popular books was chosen to hit the big screen. If you don’t know much about the book or the film, you’d assume it’s very Nicholas Sparks. However, “The Fault In Our Stars” is an unflinchingly real yet also funny and charming depiction of people whose lives have been touched by cancer.


Hazel (Shailene Woodley) lives a rinse and repeat life of pills, boredom, doctor appointments, and support group sessions. She reads the same book again and again, and observes people her age who aren’t confined to a restricted life because of illness. So when she meets Augustus (Ansel Elgort), a guy who seems to live a bold life despite having lost his leg to cancer, she’s immediately drawn to him.

“I intend to live an extraordinary life.”

The script is smart, with dialogue that is engaging and almost never cheesy (a little cheese is fine). The bond that forms between Hazel and Gus is lovely to watch, mostly because it seems so realistic and natural. Hazel likes to crack crude jokes as a form of rebellion that won’t put her in physical danger, and Gus is honest (and a little pretentious at first). It’s not forced and cliché like some silver screen romances. They are each other’s equal, especially in terms of intellect, and they both have the same motivations.

The Fault In Our Stars

Some of the best parts of “The Fault In Our Stars” are also the hardest to watch. Hazel fights to have an adventure in her life while she can, and we see Gus become more vulnerable over the course of the film. These moments are so well done that it’s easy to become emotional with the characters. I attribute the success of the film, aside from the brilliant writing, to be largely due to the acting. Woodley is perfect as the awkward yet determined girl whose constant companion is an oxygen tank. She knows how to act in both funny and not-so-funny scenes, and nothing about her performance is forced. Elgort, while relatively new to acting, delivers a strong performance. He comes across as strong yet vulnerable, witty but serious.

“I’ll write you a sequel.”

My favourite part of this film is that it doesn’t shy away from the illness aspect of the characters’ lives. Hazel and Gus are teenagers who happen to have been dealt a difficult hand, but that doesn’t define them or their lives. Does it create obstacles? You better believe it. Do they try their damnedest to live a full life anyway? Definitely. Their parents are constantly struggling with how to prepare themselves for the worst while also helping them live the best they can. I confess to getting teary-eyed during more than a few scenes.

The Fault In Our Stars

Overall, “The Fault In Our Stars” is a wonderful film. It explores the harsher side of life, while also reminding us that life is beautiful despite the hard times. The characters and their relationships are lovely, and it’s easy to be swept along with them as they try to make the most of life. “The Fault In Our Stars” is an unforgettable film that’s the perfect dose of witty, deeply emotional, and feel-good scenes. Judging by the cycle of laughter then sniffles coming from the audience when I saw it, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

My Rating: 9.5/10

The Fault In Our Stars

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