Movie Review: “The Internship” – The Frat-Pack Gets a Job

Written by Emily McWilliams July 02, 2013

“The Internship” starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn is definitely not the stand-out comedy of the summer; the plot is predictable, and at times Wilson and Vaughn’s shtick seems to resort to just yelling out random phrases like obnoxious schoolboys. Still, even though this movie has its problems, the two leading actors are just so darn charismatic and likeable. We’ve seen this routine from them before, but they do it so well that you can’t help but smile and go along with it.  If you’re looking for a light, comedic movie – one you can go to with a group of friends and not take too seriously – then “The Internship” is perfect for you.

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Billy (Vaughn) and Nicky (Wilson) are salesmen, whose company has succumbed to the bad economy.  With few prospects, Billy gets the idea to apply for an internship at Google.  Even though the two are decades older than the average college intern, and have little knowledge of computer programming, with a few tweaks to their resumes, they are able to secure the summer internship.  Little do they realize that the internship is a highly competitive series of team challenges that will lead to jobs at Google for the winning team.  Billy and Nicky’s team is composed of fellow underdogs, and they must learn to put their eclectic personalities aside to come together and secure their jobs.


Plot Problems Hinder Humour

I’ve already mentioned that the plot is predictable, and the structuring of the narrative was “The Internship’s” biggest flaw.  We all know going into the show what the main conflict is, but the first act dragged out Billy and Nicky losing their jobs with unfunny jokes and unimportant characters.  Once they arrive at Google, the plot’s pace picked up considerably with the heightened time crunch that accompanied each challenge and the development of the supporting characters and villains.  However, the progression of the plot never strays from it’s linear course (it tries to throw a few curve balls here and there, but even those were expected) and incorporates romance, failures, and triumphs in the standard comedic format about a group of misfits (you know, like the storylines we see on “Glee” every week).


A Feel-Good Summer Movie

Even with serious plot issues, “The Internship” is that type of movie that makes you feel good when it’s over and has you cheering for its unlikely heroes.  Besides Wilson and Vaughn bringing much needed energy to the screen, the supporting cast featuring Rose Byrne, Josh Brener, Dylan O’Brien, Tiya Sircar, and Tobit Raphael infused the film with their own quirky characters and humour.  Each of the supporting characters are type-based, but even with that limitation there was a natural and realistic development of each personality that didn’t overwhelm the film’s main narrative.

“The Internship” is no “Wedding Crashers” but it has it’s own charm and funny moments.  It is a timely film, one that incorporates the realities of competitive college internships in an unstable job market with the ever-changing world of technology.  Take a break this summer and relax with Wilson and Vaughn as they try to figure out the world of Google; you might even get a few laughs out of it.

My Rating: 7/10


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