Movie Review: “The Mountain Between Us” – The Mountain of (Controversial) Feelings

Written by Eduard Sviridenko October 21, 2017

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The Mountain Between Us, the world premiere of which took place in Toronto, is a screen version of the novel by Charles Martin. Despite the fact that the action of the film takes place in the snow and cold, it is supposed to warm the audience. Did the director, Hany Abu-Assad, manage to achieve this? Or did The Mountain Between Us turn out so cold that its scenery has nothing to do with it?

In The Mountain Between us, photojournalist Alex Martin (Kate Winslet) and neurosurgeon Ben Bass (Idris Elba) fail to get on their flight. Each of them needed to get to a certain place for a certain reason, so their plan was to rent a small private plane. Little did they know that fate already had something else planned for them. Their plane crashes, and our just-met heroes miraculously survive. It seems that their very fate pushes them into each other’s arms. Once alone in the deserted mountains, Ben and Alex are forced to get to know each other and rely on each other.

“We might die together and I don’t even know you.”

The actors have certainly helped The Mountain Between Us to put its best foot forward. If it were not for Winslet and Elba, the disaster movie would have turned into an actual disaster. In fact, the Hany Abu-Assad’s directing failure was compensated by their excellent acting.

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The Mountain Between Us lacks a special realism, as basically, it is just a beautiful melodrama with a survival twist. Don’t be surprised when even after a long and tiring trip, our heroes still look cheerful, beautiful, and attractive. Such small and seemingly insignificant details lead to the overall failure of the movie. Every now and then, you will feel like all you see is just a beautiful but empty theatrical performance. Perhaps the director wanted the audience to feel a coldness that mirrors what’s happening on the screen. In this case, he succeeded brilliantly.

“We’re all we’ve got, me and you! That’s it.”

Ben and Alex are forced to rely on one another to survive. Their fear and determination let them find common ground, without any tension. The director relies on the communication between the main characters. But what is new and exciting about this communication? There are no real conflicts between Ben and Alex, their communication simply lacks dynamics and tension. Unfortunately, the director failed to convey the very conflict of personalities on the screen. And, when there is no conflict, there is no drama.

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As a result, The Mountain Between Us does not cope with the warming of the audience as it’s supposed to, and the snow is not to blame for that. The actors did their best to help the film not become a catastrophe, but, due to poor directing, this was not enough. In the end, go watch The Mountain Between Us only if you want to spend an hour and a half admiring Idris Elbe and Kate Winslet against the background of snow and moderately picturesque mountains. Apart from that, the movie has nothing else to offer.

My Rating: 5/10


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