Movie Review: “This Is the End”- A Hell of a Good Time

Written by Rachel Ganzewinkel June 13, 2013


“This Is the End” is the perfect summer movie. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (who both wrote and directed the movie) are saviors of the recently lackluster comedy genre. Rogen and Goldberg (and basically everyone they know from the comedy world) pitch in their awesome comedy stylings to blow a hole through your mind and create your favourite comedy of the summer.

“Fuck your house, Franco!”

So basically, the apocalypse happens while Jay Baruchel is visiting Rogen in Los Angeles. They go to a party at James Franco’s house and crazy nonsense- mixed with a dash of bro-love- ensues from there. Everyone is playing themselves, kind of. Seth Rogen seems like himself I guess (since I’ve never met him I can’t say for certain), but Michael Cera, as a coke head, arrogant party-goer who slaps Rihanna’s ass maybe isn’t acting as himself so much as acting while having the same name. Again, I can’t say for certain since I’ve never met him, but a part of me wants Cera to be this guy who is so unlike anything most people would imagine him to be.
Anyway, the cast that survives the beginning of the apocalypse are holed in Franco’s house as they figure out how to survive. Cans of ecstasy, a milky way bar, video confessionals, and Emma Watson all show up creating a hell of a time for the audience, and basically hell for the actors in the movie.

“This fucker’s got ta go-oo”

Seth Rogen;Jay Baruchel;James Franco;Craig Robinson;Danny McBride

A movie this batshit crazy hasn’t made me laugh so wholeheartedly since “The Hangover”. “This Is the End” is a surprise in how gosh darn entertaining it is. The movie is meant as a joke, because it’s a comedy obviously, but within the movie there are genuine moments that hold the movie together and make you connect with the characters. Also, since it’s the apocalypse, some legitimately scary moments pop up. There are demons and explosions and whatnot that definitely caused me to jump in my seat a little. There are also super bloody, gory moments (such as beheadings) that Rogen and Goldberg managed to make super funny while being oh-so-gross. This movie literally has everything you want from a summer blockbuster – tension, human connection, and lots and lots of laughs.

Emma Watson swings an axe like a genuine badass

Emma Watson swings an axe like a genuine badass


I actually cannot find anything I disliked about “This Is the End”. Sure, a couple jokes went on a bit too long, but then miraculously, they came back to being funny again. The direction was grand, the soundtrack is badass, the acting (or being themselves I guess while reading lines/improving) was hilarious and superb, and the story was so out-there that, as a viewer, you just come to expect and accept any crazy shenanigans that pop up during the film. But I must say that Jay Baruchel should be in way more things. His comedic timing is excellent and his affable demeanor is just pleasing to watch. If there is any group of friends in Hollywood a person would want to be a part of, it is this group which includes Rogen, Franco, Baruchel, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and Jonah Hill among many others. This movie is such good fun because the people in it were obviously having the time of their life while making it.

My Rating: 9.5/10



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