Movie Review: “Titanic 3D”

Written by Rachel Ganzewinkel April 11, 2012

Titanic is unsinkable…as a movie.

I’m going to assume that almost everyone in the world has seen the love-to-hate sweeping romantic epic that is Titanic. If you are one of those three people who haven’t, then I have preceded some spoilers from the movie with *SPOILER* so as not to ruin your necessary experience of the now second most profitable movie in history, right behind director James Cameron’s other blockbuster favourite, Avatar.

I am fully aware that Titanic plays with your heart strings and tugs at them repeatedly by the cruel master that is James Cameron using the most cliché tropes known to the world of cinema and beyond. However, it most certainly does not make this movie ineffective. It tells a beautiful story between two people, Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio-he had such a babyface!) and Rose (Kate Winslet, gorgeous as always) from different classes who fall madly, deeply, crazily in love and spend some great moments together such as spitting off the side of the ship and of course, sex in a car.

This is also a very awesome, iconic moment.

This whole section is essentially a SPOILER ALERT

After not having watched Titanic since the early 2000’s I can say with great conviction that this movie is so ‘90’s it’ll make you laugh at times. This movie is quite unsubtle in its commentary on class differences, Cameron is pretty much shoving phrases in there from the wealthy class like “Are the boats going to be separated by class?” as the entire ship is sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic, and when asked where the third class will be put, and it’s discovered that there won’t be enough lifeboats for them, Cal (Rose’s fiancé) comments on how “the better class” will be saved. UGH, seriously? Thank you 1997 for pointing out how the upper classes thought they were better than the lower classes because we totally didn’t know that before.

That Song (You know exactly what I’m talking about)

You know what else makes this movie dated? Celine Dion. And the song on how her heart will go on. But guess what? It suits this movie like no other. I have never met a person who was like, “My heart will go on? I LOVE that song! Celine Dion is a Canadian treasure!” However, I do know people, and myself included, who think this movie would not be the same without that song. The movie and the song just kind of grew up together and even though their relationship has been through a rollercoaster of love and hate, they just can’t separate. Every time the music starts, a tear wells up in my eye remembering the fateful end to one of the greatest fictional romances of all time. Forget about Romeo and Juliet, I want some Rose and Jack. Also, maybe unrelated, but they’re names start with the same letters- just throwing that out there as a comparison for greatest love story ever.

To get your mind off that song, there's a fun use of bagpipes as the lower class dances.

The 3D

There was 3D used in this reboot? I could barely tell. There were some added moments of depth that were cool, but the 3D is completely pointless and adds absolutely zero to the movie. The only reason to see this movie in theatres is to…well…experience this movie in theatres. It is a very different experience than your living room. Seeing the waves crash in through the doors of the once inhabited rooms, seeing the people scramble, scream, run, and jump for their lives as the ship is sinking is heightened in a dark theatre with a giant screen where the sounds of destruction surround you, making you want to cry, or tear up (or not cry at all but revel in the chaos- for you soulless bunch) even more.

Some more SPOILERS

It is impossible to not cry as the batshit crazy Cal (the always sinister looking Billy Zane) is trying to kill Jack for stealing his fiancé and a 56 carot diamond as the SHIP IS SINKING and Rose and Jack scramble for their lives to end up together, knowing that they won’t because James Cameron is a merciless puppeteer when it comes to his audience’s emotions. When they’re in the water, the wonderful amazing Jack (every girl wishes they had a sensitive, artistic man who would do absolutely anything for them) is still trying to ensure Rose that help is coming as he is clearly very quickly dying from hypothermia and Rose holds his hand promising to “never let go” of a promise she made him, as well I’m assuming the memory of him. Also, at the end when you take a journey through the Titanic and see all the characters who died and Jack is standing at the top of the staircase, turns around, takes young Rose’s hand and kisses her… it is so hard to not start weeping like the babies we all are. I may or may not have even teared up at the memory of that.

My soul becomes heavy just looking at the picture.

Anyway, for the love of your movie going soul you should totally see Titanic in theatres. It’ll be great for nostalgia or for your first time. Some people love to hate it or hate to love it. I’ve just embraced my love for this still completely epic movie.

My Rating: 8/10

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