Movie Review: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1”

Written by Shawn Lotte February 11, 2011

Quick Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

By Shawn Lotte

SPOILER WARNING! Seriously, I ruin shit in here so don’t read and get mad at me.

Summary: Harry must stop Voldemort, find horcruxes and chill out in the forest for 1 hour of the movie.


–       Really fun set pieces and action sequences.

–       Acting is a lot better, at least as far as the kids are concerned.

–       Seeing the magic world interact with the muggle world is fascinating, but I wish there was more.

–       Some very funny moments, and some unintentional funny moments; I’m looking at you dance sequence.


–       The movie is way too long with nothing going on for great periods of time. SERIOUSLY, they spend an hour in the forest doing nothing, NOTHING! All they do is fight amongst themselves. If I wanted to see that I will hang out with my parents.

–       It feels like the characters are waiting for something to happen, which is funny cause so is the audience.

–       There are far too many coincidences in this film. Whenever the kids run into a problem, they talk about it, wait in the woods, and then somehow the problem is solved. Sword in the water my ass.

–       Scenes go on for way to long with no progress in the story. For example, they head to Harry’s birthplace, get attacked, find nothing and head back to the woods. GREAT SCOTT! Way to waste time.

–       There is a sexually charged dance scene with Hermione and Harry. HUH?

–       Oh and this may be a bad thing, I can’t decide, but Harry and Hermione make-out naked. You’ll see what I mean.


“The Deathly Hallows” did not need to be two movies. It could have been condensed, like all the other books, and been a better film. There is far too much nothing going on in this movie. I blame Warner Brothers. They forced the filmmakers to make it two movies, pad it out with junk scenes that add nothing to the story so that they can get YOUR money. I too am to blame for this as I paid to go see it. But I have learned my lesson and will not go see a movie like this again. I just hope that the Twilight fans are smart enough not to go see “Breaking Dawn” since they will be doing the same thing. We’ll see what happens.

GRADE: Since the movie was split into two parts so will my grade:


I will average the grade out when I see part two in the summer.

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