Movie Review: “Project X”

Written by Pam-Marie Gx February 23, 2012

Rated R for Raunchy.

Project X (which is set to be officially released on March 2nd, 2012) is loosely based on the true story of a house party gone crazy, as well as referencing the later interview with the kid responsible. In the movie, it all starts when two friends, JB and Costa (played by Jonathan Daniel Brown and Oliver Cooper), decide the time has come to remove the shackles of loserdom by throwing the most epic party of all time for their friend Thomas (Thomas Mann).

Now, the basic premise of the movie is that the friends are recording the events for posterity’s sake, giving a reason behind having the entire movie shot with a hand-cam. Only twice does the film show the man behind the camera, giving the audience a bit of a feeling of actually being at this party. However, anyone suffering from motion sickness might want to pop a Gravol before heading into the theatre, as the constant shaking of the camera can be somewhat nausea-inducing.

Every once in a while they move from the main hand-cam to other cameras, especially the cell-phone cameras of the two “security personnel” and, later, the camera on the various police vehicles. The cell camera close-ups, mixed with the previously mentioned Jitter Cam, give the movie a bit of a terrible Blair Witch Project vibe. Basically, the cinematography is really quite annoying and poorly done.

Getting past the cinematography, however, we have a movie based entirely around one event. Now, we know these guys are apparently losers, as they are picked on by one of the jocks and they keep calling themselves losers, but we don’t get a ton of character development beyond that. Basically, Costa is a jackass, and the other two put up with him for some unknown reason, and there’s a girl, named Kirby, who was once part of their group, but got ditched in favour of the previously mentioned jackass. They aren’t entirely clear on the why or how that happened, but Thomas seems to have a thing for her. In other words: “Hey look! Typical high school drama!”

As the movie progresses, we see various moments of awkward teenage-ness between Thomas and Kirby, even as Costa convinces Thomas that he doesn’t really want Kirby as hot popular girl is ready for a good time, or something. Honestly, the plot mostly consists of teenagers (if they can still be called that, since they are all technically 18 and legal adults) being dumb teenagers, and most of the humour relies on the audience noticing this.

All of that being said, there are a few things the movie does quite well. First, of course, is the party itself. This is a movie that promises delinquency and gratuitous nudity and delivers. The number of topless girl-on-girl make-outs might be expected in your average porn, and there is enough violence and swearing to more than justify the “R” rating the movie has. The target audience is clearly the 18-25 bracket, and people in that age range will likely appreciate the drunken crazy shenanigans that occur.

The other thing Project X excels at is making the audience feel more and more anxious as the night continues. Instead of going from quiet gathering to instant chaos, the entropy builds slowly over time, with some small lulls that almost make it seem like things might calm down or end reasonably. Those brief breathing pauses only help to up the tension when things do go horribly horribly wrong.

Overall, Project X is chaotic and interesting, but not exactly good. Some of the plot points don’t really make that much sense, and are clearly only added to make the chaos more chaotic. The timing for some events is too convenient to maintain realism, and the conclusion is a bit cheesy and predictable when compared to the rest of the movie. Some of the gags are clever and entertaining, while others are overdone and annoying.

My Rating: 6/10

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