TIFF Review: “The Green Inferno” – It’s an Eli Roth movie. ‘Nuff Said?

Written by Rachel Ganzewinkel September 13, 2013


Eli Roth hasn’t directed a feature length movie since 2007’s “Hostel: Part II”. That’s not really saying anything. He still has a huge, loyal fan-base who love the hell out of the debauchery, sex, and bloody, over-the-top, deaths he portrays. None of the things he makes is trying to be “good” or “speak” to anyone. Roth makes movies for those slasher fans. And he definitely has a talent in pleasing his target audience.

Are you part of the “target audience”?

“Target audience” is a key phrase here. If you are not someone who enjoys watching someone get chopped up into pieces and eaten, then I’m pretty sure you won’t want to see this movie. Now, I am a slasher flick fan. But I understand there are lots of people who just don’t understand why people like myself watch movies where people die horrible deaths. I honestly have no clue, I can’t exactly pin it down. It’s just a movie where terrible things happen to people bad or good and then it has some sort of ending. Slasher flicks are a mind-numbing catharsis from your own concerns. Because no matter how bad your life is, at least your eyes aren’t being gouged out, am I right?

This is how all indigenous Amazonian leaders look, right?

This is how all indigenous Amazonian leaders look, right?

I don’t even know why I’m reviewing “The Green Inferno”. The kinds of people who would go and see it are already going to go see it, and those who don’t like slasher flicks, are not. But I figured I should talk about it a bit just in case there are those out there who want to lose their slasher virginity to Eli Roth.

Uh, I apologize for that, I got too much into the “debauchery” head space. Anyway, Eli Roth’s “The Green Inferno” is a pretty decent slasher. I don’t know if this a good thing, but Roth is really, really good at coming up with gruesome, over-the-top deaths. “The Green Inferno” was one of TIFF’s Midnight Madness screenings and it was most certainly mad. It was insane. Roth is the poster child for seeing a line, and then blatantly spitting on its representation of moral society before running way past it. This movie is no exception.

The White Saviors become Savory Dishes

This movie is about a group of university student activists who travel to the Amazon to save the rain forest and the indigenous people and stuff. One of the students is also a former Spy Kid. We can all see where Daryl Sabara’s career went I guess. Anyway, then the movie gets nuts. The indigenous tribe they want to save (because only people of priviledge can save anyone) ends up kidnapping them and like you know, cannabalism happens. So, there’s one step over the line. Check the box marked ‘blatant racism and/or ignorance’.


I don’t want to give more away but then there’s essentially in-fighting, masturbation, drugs, people hung up on sticks, lying, laughing at others misfortune, and genital mutilation, because Eli Roth. To those who don’t watch slasher-porn, this sounds like a bad time. But, in the midnight madness theater, those fans were having a rip-roaring good time. So, there is clearly a sharp divide in which that line I referenced earlier is definitely in charge of separating.


Unfortunately, the ending was actually pretty terrible. It still perpetuated the fact that white people and other people of clear economic priviledge were still in charge of indigenous tribes’ fates because they rule the world like that. This ending made the movie not as good as it could have been. Overall, this isn’t Eli Roth’s best story-telling effort. “The Green Inferno” is a riot of insanity, torture, fear, and nonsense, but then the ending is just…no. It’s the worst cop out. It’s rushed and makes no sense because there would be no character motivation to end it the way Roth did. Anyway, there are two different ratings. One for the slasher fan, and one for the non-fan.

Slasher Fan Rating: 6/10

Non-Fan Rating: A condescending head-shake of disgust


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