Movie Review: “The Heat”- Forgettable Fun

Written by Tommy July 03, 2013



“The Heat” is fine. It’s absolutely fine. It’s a perfect 6.5/10 “see it if you like the actors or are bored on the weekend” kinda movie. It takes a bit to find its groove, and it’s definitely not as terrifying as you may have heard, but once it does it’s reasonably funny, and Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy work together splendidly. It’s utterly predictable, sometimes to a fault, but otherwise is solidly put together.

So this one’s a little complicated but try to keep up, Sandra Bullock is the best FBI lady in the FBI, but she’s way too uptight! She needs to work together with street-smart and foul mouthed Melissa McCarthy in order to catch some drug guy. Maybe the real criminal to catch is friendship. No. The real criminal is in fact a psychotic drug lord.

It’s Fun

So yeah, this film lives and dies on the chemistry between the two leads, and luckily they are excellent together. Similar to her performance in “Bridesmaids”, Melissa McCarthy is great as a boorish, gross character and she handles it well here. Sometimes she does go overboard though, and at points you wonder how she has avoided being fired a hundred times over. Bullock plays the straight-person with ease, and the two put together is classic buddy-cop fun. It’s a good thing too, because before they meet the film really drags. I suppose it’s appropriate that the movie only finds its footing once the two get together. It’s a metaphor for the importance of their friendship in the film itself. It’s a meta-metaphor. Damn. Paul Feig knows what he’s doing.


“That’s a misrepresentation of my vagina.”

The humor is good, usually. Sometimes it gets a bit too crude for my taste, but that’s just me. A lot of the time it feels like they’re doing the same joke over and over again, like “Sandra Bullock is neat and Melissa is gross! Oh nooooo!” But it’s usually funny, and you like the characters so much that you just enjoy hearing from them. This movie also did a pretty good job of forcing me to like it by casting Kaitlin Olson, Zach Woods, and Tony Hale, some of my favorite comedic actors, to play little bit parts here and there. One odd choice is “MadTV’s” Michael Mcdonald as one of the criminals. It’s weird because the movie tries to make him seem actually threatening, even though he’s a well-known comedic actor  –  it’s weird.



The obvious downside is that you have already seen this movie. Again and again and again. You know what’s going to happen before you even step in. There’s gonna be friction at first, then they will be brought together by some shared conflict, then they will have a “getting drunk” montage and be friends, then they will be broken up right before the climax. It all works, but it works because Hollywood has had decades of practice. Remember the episode of “Community” where Shirley and Annie are campus police officers? It’s literally just that. Heck, remember the episode of “Community” where it’s like a “Law & Order” episode? It’s kinda like that too.

In the end, “The Heat” accomplishes exactly what it set out to do, be a fun action-comedy, buddy-cop film. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t know what else to say. It’s fine. You won’t feel like you wasted your money if you see it.

My Rating: 6.5/10


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