Trailer Release: Human Centipede II

Written by Whitney Slightham October 12, 2011


Trailer Release: Human Centipede II

The fourth wall is shattered in Tom Six’s sequel to the cult horror.

Martin, a severely mentally disturbed loner, attempts to escape his bleak reality as a parking lot security guard by fetishizing the depraved and pernicious surgical skills of Dr. Heiter from the cult horror film The Human Centipede (First Sequence). While paying homage to the monstrous physical modifications and torture that Heiter inflicts on his victims in the fictional film, Martin captures a group of twelve innocent people in an attempt to use them in a twisted experiment to create a multi-human organism that functions with only one gastrointestinal system.

His mother, who Martin lives with, is extremely concerned by his condition and asks a psychiatrist to assess him. It quickly becomes evident that Martin not only demonstrates a twisted passion for centipedes, but that he has also developed an acute obsession with the subject matter surrounding Tom Six‘s original Human Centipede film. The film stars Laurence R. Harvey as Martin.

Human Centipede II will analyze the relationship between creator and spectator, and the suspension of disbelief required to remove an audience member from a film with horrific imagery and themes. In Martin’s case, he seems unable to differentiate Dr. Heiter’s reality from his own and, by means of crafting a delusional world of fantasy, resolves to mimic what he has seen on screen and apply it to reality. In being self-referential this film ultimately seems to want to observe the role of the audience and the toll that violent imagery can have on the unfit mind.

Theoretical analysis aside, expect lots of blood, guts and gore — what else would you expect from the sequel to Human Centipad?… Er, Centipede. Check out the trailer below, and prepare for a fitful sleep tonight!


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