J.J. Abram’s Alcatraz New Trailer Revealed

Written by Curtis Sell November 29, 2011

J.J. Abrams‘ (Super 8, Star Trek) newest show, Alcatraz, is rapidly approaching release. Due out in January, it stars Jeffrey Pierce (Charlie Jade), Sarah Jones (Love Finds a Home), Jorge Garcia (Lost) and Sam Neill (Jurassic Park). Here is a short synopsis provided by /Film:

The series centers around a mysterious event in 1963 that made 302 Alcatraz prisoners and guards vanish without any explanation. For some reason we don’t yet know, a prisoner named Jack Sylvane (Jeffrey Pierce) appears in present day Alcatraz and makes his way to San Francisco to seek payback from those who’vedone him wrong. It’s up to a spunky young police officer (Sarah Jones), assisted by a geeky Alcatraz expert (Jorge Garcia), to stop Sylvane, all the while dealing with a mysterious federal agent (Sam Neill) who clearly knows more about the Alcatraz disappearances than he lets on.

Check out the trailer below!

There is also an older, longer trailer available that is also worth checking out.

Source: /Film

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